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Halloween Hen Parties

Posted by Alec on January 23 2014.

Halloween Hen Parties

Halloween Hen Parties are loads of fun and are a great way for a hen to see off single life. Halloween was made for hen nights – it’s the only night of the year that you won’t be the only ones dressed up!

Even though you’ve grown up a little too much for trick-or-treating, there are still lots of fun Halloween-themed activities that you and your hens can do. You could transform yourself into a zombie and learn the famous Michael Jackson Thriller Dance! Our other halloween night ideas include pumpkin carving where you can attack a pumpkin and (hopefully) end up with a lantern to show off to the neighbourhood. If you’re after a few drinks, turn a game of hide and seek into a simple drinking game (I’ll let you use your imagination with that one).

Halloween Hen Parties: Food

Oh the culinary delights of Halloween – this year have a go at making Spaghetti and Eyeballs, Ghoulash or Deviled Sausages; and for dessert, Terrormisu is a classic. As we’ve already used up every Halloween/food pun that we can think of, this brings us to quite possibly the most important part of the night …

Halloween Hen Parties: Dressing Up

On Halloween, no hen theme is too silly or crude – the sky’s your limit, we only recommend that you make sure that you let everyone know in advance (there’s nothing worse than having 15 hens show up as Zombies, and one rocking the Vampire look)! Some ever-popular halloween hen themes are – Cowboys and Indians, Naughty Devils, Witches, Vampires, and even the “sheet with holes in it” Ghost look; but by far our favourite theme is Zombies because there’re so many great variations – Commuter Zombie (blood covered suit, a copy of Metro, and an undying hunger for brains is all you need!), Nurse Zombie, Schoolgirl Zombie, Rockstar Zombie – the choices are endless – all you really need is some make-up, fake blood, and a couple of props!

Our favourite place to buy halloween costumes in the UK is an online shop called illy Jokes. Based in Northampton, they have a wide selection of costumes, props, and jokes in stock and can get orders out to you quickly (great if you’ve left the organising of your costume to the last minute).

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