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Guide to perfect outdoor wedding

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

An outdoor wedding is probably the most perfect type of wedding that you can have. You find a gorgeous location somewhere romantic and invite people to have a great day outdoors while also celebrating your most important day. However, when planning an outdoor wedding, there are a few more things that you need to keep in mind than for a more traditional indoor wedding if you really want it to be the best possible experience.

The guide to the perfect outdoor wedding

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1. Location                                                                                 

It goes without saying that you will want to find the most perfect location for your outdoor wedding. You will not want to spend the greatest day of your life in a parking lot behind your local mall. You need a place that is both romantic and practical where you will be able to do everything you want to do without compromising the feel. Another important thing to think about when planning a location is the weather. You need to find a place and a time that will not be too hot or too cold. Think of yourself as Goldilocks here. It needs to be just right.

2. Shelter

Your ceremony can be in the open. It usually does not last too long and even if it is extremely sunny and even hot, you can expect your guests to be perfectly content to sit under an open sky for the duration of your ceremony. However, the reception and the party should be sheltered to ensure that no one faints from a heat stroke or something like that. Also, you can never be too sure that there will be no rain and you need to have at least some protection for such an event. Wedding marquees are a perfect shelter for your wedding reception.

3.  Decorations

One of the best things about an outdoor wedding is that you take advantage of the scenery which will reduce the need for decorations. A wedding in a beautiful park is much easier to organize decorations-wise than one in a hall somewhere. Still, this does not mean that you can go bare-bones on this. You should still think about decorating your space, only try and keep in the style of the scenery.

4. Power

Your wedding will need electricity. You will need electricity for the band; you will need electricity for the lighting and for your bug zapping equipment which is another thing you must not forget about. Bringing electricity to your marquee is essential for a successful outdoor wedding and you need to make sure you got enough juice and enough sockets for all your needs. The good news is that most venues where weddings are organized will have this sorted out for you.

5. Miscellaneous consideration

This is where we cover the specific considerations that you need to make when organizing an outdoor wedding. For instance, you need to think about the chairs and tables sinking into the ground surface and what you can do to prevent it. You need to consider the fact that sound dissipates more prominently in open spaces. You also need to consider the fact that people might get hot or cold, especially if the party continues into the night, which makes heaters and some sort of open-air AC a must.

In the end, despite all the extra work and effort you need to put in when organizing an outdoor wedding, it pays off when you have your perfect day under the clear skies in beautiful reddish sunset.

Author: Sophie Andersen is a blogger based in Sydney. She is contributor for several beauty and lifestyle blogs. Get more Sophie’s tips and advices on FB

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