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Dance with Claudia: Can you dance?

Posted by Clement Boateng on April 8 2014.

Hi Everybody!

In the last couple of weeks I’ve taught some great dance classes, signed up for another 6 months at sea and even had a chance to relax and enjoy some of the lovely weather we’ve been getting lately!  That’s right, it may not be all-out Caribbean heat but England seems to have gone all Mediterranean, treating us to a good few sunny days before March was out.  The evenings are lighter, the colours are brighter…I don’t know about you guys but I am loving it!

Dance in to Spring

As I mentioned, I will be embarking again on a cruise ship, to work as a dancer in the onboard production shows, for at least the next six months.  I’m sure I’m not alone in having favoured cosy and indulgent nights in throughout winter, so after a break from performing in nightly shows and with a couple of months of extremely demanding rehearsals looming, this means getting back in to fighting form… and fast!  Yes, bikini’s are filling the shops but instead of panicking about being beach-snap ready we can relax, because Spring gives you every opportunity you need to feel fit and fabulous.

The milder air certainly doesn’t make me want to sweat it out in the gym for hours but it does make me want to get active in the fresh air.  How about ditching that 2 minute drive to the shops and making it a 10minute walk with the sun on your face?  Yoga and pilates are great activities to do outdoors and of course there’s my go-to fitness favourite, DANCE!

Polestars covers just about every form of dance you could ever imagine and if you dream one up they’ve never heard of, they’ll do their utmost to bring it to life.  That’s why we like to keep you up to date with every thing going on in the world of dance and this spring has so much to offer to inspire, activate and entertain!

Can you dance?

Can you dance?

March saw London’s Olympia stormed by the UK’s largest Dance Event, Move It, which annually offers master classes, appearances from professional artists and companies and just about everything dance-related, all under one roof.  The good news for those of us that live more than a stone’s throw away from the capital is that this year sees the UK’s first touring dance convention, Can You Dance?, bring the Midlands, North and East of England in to the industry loop.  Co-created by Matt Flint, winner of BBC’s So You Think You Can Dance, this dance extravaganza caters for all ages and abilities and boasts a networking exhibition, workshops with industry professionals and the chance to showcase your own amazing talents.  The event will be held in Norwich, Nottingham and Leeds on 4th May and 8th and 29th June respectively.  There will be some amazing competition prizes, a business area and advice from experienced professionals offered in speed-dating style (sounds fun!) as well as a dance competition covering every discipline from Urban and Commercial to Classical Ballet.

When teaching Polestars classes I absolutely love it when a party turns up with the Grandma, the mother and quite often the younger sister of the Hen all attending.  It’s great to see and it really does make for a fantastic bonding experience for a family with their closest friends.  So why not keep up the family spirit and encourage each other to stay fit and attend your closest Can You Dance? this spring.  Explore dance course opportunities with younger members of the family, have a go at a challenging new style or maybe shopping for your Summer dance wear look then sitting back and being entertained is more your thing.  Either way, incorporating dance into your life in the coming months is sure to put a spring in to your step and of course if you want the very best, come and party with Polestars!

Claudia xx

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