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Guest List: Who to Invite


The guest list can be a mine field, whether it’s for a huge wedding with no expense spared, or a small intimate affair. With two families coming together to celebrate the union of a couple, there are bound to be some difficulties. Often the only thing those two families have in common are the respective couple getting hitched up. Leading to potentially awkward situations between guests.

If one family insists on every extended member of the family being invited, not only could it cost a lot but it does raise the question of who you really want to invite? Should co-workers be invited? Should plus-ones be allowed? Are babies permitted? Ex-boyfriends/girlfriends? The guest list is worth taking a little time to ponder.

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Preparing all these invitations can leave anybody a little overwhelmed : / …


We think the best way to keep things in check here are a few light hearted but important questions to ask when considering who to invite:

~ Have you seen them this decade?
~ Do you have their phone number?
~ Would you call them in a dilemma?
~ Would you share your last minstrel with them?
~ Would they invite you to their wedding?
~ Do you socialise with them outside of contrived family reunions/ work parties?
~ Do you GENUINELY like them?
~ Would they share their last minstrel with you?

If you have to think about it before answering any of these questions perhaps they shouldn’t make the cut. Keep it simple.

Guest List: Ceremony Vs Reception

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There are usually two distinct parts to a wedding, whether it’s a church affair or a civil ceremony there is usually a reception afterwards. Allowing for those who are not top of the list but who you’d feel guilty if you didn’t invite to come. Make a compromise and invite them to the reception where they can still celebrate with you and not feel grieved about not receiving a invitation.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to make cuts! It’s your wedding and you should decide who you would like to celebrate it with. If you want to read what the bridal stylist Rennee Strauss has to say about the 7 people you don’t have to invite check out her article here.

Check out some whimsical wedding invites we love once you’re settled on who to invite

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