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Grease Actors – been and gone

Posted by Alec on November 21 2013.

Grease Actors

Grease Actors – Been and Gone

It has been a sad summer for the original cast of Grease, who have lost two of their supporting actors – Jeff Conway and Annette Charles.

Grease Actors;  Kenickie

Jeff Conway, who made the role of Kenickie famous in the hit teen musical, died earlier this summer in May. He was discovered unconscious at his home after a blatant drug overdose. Conway was in a comatose state and sadly passed away days later. Conway had admittedly struggled with a cocaine, alcohol and pain killer addiction. Conway was only 60 when he died, leaving behind two ex-wives and a son, Emerson.

Grease Actors;  Cha Cha

Then only earlier this month Annette Charles, who was most famous for her role as Cha Cha in Grease, passed away from cancer. Annette had only recently discovered she had cancer when she found that she had problems breathing. The actress was only 63 when she passed away.

The cast of Grease, including John Travolta, all sent their condolences to the families of the actor and the actress.

Grease Actors; Remembered Every Weekend

Every weekend hen parties celebrate the joys of Grease the musical in their very own Grease dance parties. Here’s how:

Polestars are taking you to Rydell High in this exciting Grease Hen Party! During this two hour dance class you will learn a traditional hand jive as well as kick-flicking rock ‘n’ roll steps, before finishing with the classic ‘We Go Together’! Get into the swing of the electrifyin’ musical and strut your stuff like Sandy with a prom style dance-off. Just like Danny Zuko captured Sandy’s heart, so will this amazing fun filled party.

Before you declare you’re the one that I want to your husband/wife-to-be and the alter and become hopelessly devoted, a Grease Hen Party with your Pink Ladies is the perfect way to celebrate. Pop on the iconic pink bomber jacket and learn to hand jive! Just remember ladies grease is the word…


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