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Glamping Nibbles- Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with a Twist

Posted by Isabelle Hurrell on June 7 2017.

Glamping is an incredibly popular weekend-away trip, but as a hen do – now you’re talking. Cast aside your nylon tents for a woodland yurt or rustic wagon. Decadent throws and fluffy pillows galore, luxury is the aim of the game- whilst preserving the beauty of being surrounded by nature. Perfect for those that love the principle of camping, but also the style of a girly getaway. A break from the city- the opposite of a city break, whilst retaining the luxury.


Glamping Snackages


food sandwiches snacks party celebrate camping campsiteThis article gives tips on how to make scrummy campsite nibbles, and avoid the soggy sandwiches! Campfire food (apart from roasted marshmallows) does not have the best connotations, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Our particular favourite is fire baked chocolate orange muffins. These unique muffins use a hollowed out orange as the muffin case. This technique looks cool and means that the muffins become infused with the zingy orange flavour. These beauties are enough to turn cloud into sunshine and any residual frowns, upside-down. And let’s be honest, after all your champagne drinking and mild activity you will deserve a sweet treat!
orange chocolate muffins bakingIn order to recreate these, start by cutting off the top of the orange, hollow out the fruit, eating the flesh as you go along if you wish! Concoct a basic muffin mix, (your secret is safe with us if you use a packaged muffin mix).  A chocolate mix is recommended, as the element of orange creates a chocolate orange muffin! Pour the mixture into the orange cases so they are about half full and wrap in tin foil at that point around the orange. Place these alien spaceship-looking spheres on hot coals and leave them for about 20 minutes, turning occasionally.
Others scrummy ideas include: chocolate cement, baked berry apples with cinnamon for the more health conscious or stickyfied goo-goos purely because of the name.


Polestars offers a glamping weekend package where you will be greeted with champagne and afternoon tea. With fun filled activities, and chocolate orange muffin baking, it is a weekend sure to create happy memories.


Recipe ideas credit: Cool Camping Cookbook

All image credits: Glamping Package, Polestars


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