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Glamorous camping – Glamping – An escape from the mud

Posted by laura on November 19 2013.
Glamorous camping

Glamorous camping

Glamorous camping

Glamorous camping? can camping ever be glamorous I hear you ask, well we at  Polestars defiantly think so. Festival season is in full swing once again for 2012, and so far we’ve seen some very soggy campers. At the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend Suggs (Madness frontman) laughed that this rainy weather, that we have all had to get used to, is an important part of British Culture. But for many the torrential rain on Thursday night, which amounted to about a month’s worth, was no laughing matter and put a damper on the whole weekend! Unlike Suggs, who most probably ended up in a comfortable and dry hotel, most of this year’s festival goers trenched back to their soggy tents through the swamp that was Isle of Wight’s campsite.

With the rise of festivals such as Benicassim in Spain and the promise of sunshine and dry campsites, it is no wonder that more and more festival goers are heading to the continent every summer to get their dose of great music and camping fun! Even the ‘anti-camping’ London festivals are becoming increasingly popular, forcing people to head home or to a hotel for a good night sleep in the warmth. So it would seem that the traditional mud bath festivals are losing their edge for the modern music lovers.

However, this doesn’t mean that people are not still craving the campsite. The rise of the Glamping trip is appearing to be a fantastic choice for many who are looking for a fun and relaxing weekend away. At Polestars we are offering a fantastic Glamorous camping experiance experience which is a far cry from being stuck in a cramped tent which is about to cave in from the wind and rain! This is all a far cry from being stuck in a cramped tent which is about to cave in from the wind and rain! You can choose from a tepee, a yurt, bell tents or even a geostatic dome to keep you safe and dry during your glamorous weekend away. You will take part in a nature walk where you will pick up some ingredients for your wild cocktails. The professionally built camp fire will cook your specially prepared dinner and will keep all campers warm. If this isn’t enough you can take a trip to the sauna to really unwind and be woken up to a morning yoga session. The pampering that you will receive will make you feel more like you are in a five star hotel than a night out under the stars!

Glamping weekends are perfect for a relaxing hen night with the girls. You can chat around the fire sharing stories about the hen whilst having facials and treatments. The cocktails and food help the night become even more memorable. Or why not use one of our Glamorous camping trips as a fantastic mixed weekend away as a possible Hag night? Battle of the sexes games can be incorporated to the day and night activities for an interesting spin on the whole event!

So why not try something different with this traditional old favourite by booking a Glamping experience for your big event today?

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