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Prepare and Get Fit For Your Wedding Day!

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

 Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Feeling and looking fabulous in your wedding dress is definitely part of the idea of a perfect wedding day. If you want to have your awesome body by the time you walk down the aisle, start preparing at least 6 months before the  wedding.



Take care of your skin

skincare face mask beauty

Trying out new skin products too close to the wedding can be dangerous in case you experience any reactions. Six months is enough time to get into a great skin care routine and start experiencing results. You can practice proper skin care activities such as resting your head on clean pillowcases at night, washing your face twice a day, doing facials and drinking plenty of water.




Healthy Eating

fruits healthy berries Going into a crash diet just before your wedding can be dangerous for your health. To lose weight healthily, avoid junk foods and deep fried foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables, clean carbs and lean proteins. You can also eat smaller portions and more meals in a day to control your cravings. Avoiding alcohol also helps in avoiding unnecessary weight gain.




exercise sports healthy lifestyleExercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand. Exercising regularly will help you tone up your muscle and define your physique. You can start with simple exercises such as jogging for thirty minutes a day. If you want to really impress, more intense workouts such as cross fit and insanity workouts. You can even form an exercise group with your bridesmaids for the six months before the wedding so you can all get into shape and have fun together. A dance class is a great way to get fit while learning a couple of dance moves for your wedding night!


Author Bio: 

Emma Williams enjoys planning special events and has spent years traveling the world to work with numerous clients of different cultural backgrounds to create the perfect concepts for nuptials and wedding receptions. In her spare time, she writes about the lessons she learned along the way. Follow her on Twitter at @abulaevenue


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