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‘Gangster Squad’

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

Gangster Squad, due for release this Friday (11th January), is the true story of how the LAPD fought to keep East Coast Mafia out of the streets of Los Angeles during the 40’s and 50’s. The plot is based on the true story of how the notorious gangster Mickey Cohen was bought down by an elite squad of LAPD’s who dropped their badges for the challenge.

Gangster squad all start cast

The all-star cast includes Josh Brolin and Sean Penn, as well as the fantastic onscreen team of Rylan Gosling and Emma Stone who appeared in Crazy, Stupid Love together back in 2011. I think it will be team ‘Stoning’ that will steal the show in Gangster Squad.

Both actors are buzz words at the moment, especially Ryan Gosling who is constantly being voted as ‘the world’s hottest man’, which he is continues to deny. Earlier this week Gosling commented “if you show me a person who actually thinks I am the ‘world’s hottest man’ I will show you a liar”. It is this modesty that is so appealing about Ryan Gosling both as an Gangster squad star Ryan Goslingactor and as person, which is why he has had such a successful career so far.

Emma Stone is much in the same league as Gosling. Neither seem to be fame hungry and both live modestly, yet their acting skills are superb. Since breaking through with her role in teenage comedy Superbad, Emma Stone has been constantly winning hearts with her down to earth personality and breath-taking looks. It is these traits that make Gosling and Stone an unstoppable onscreen pair.

It’s not just the cast that has me excited but also the era in which Gangster Squad is set. 1950s Los Angeles is not only a setting for glamour, but also an excellent backdrop for decadence, crime and despair. Emma Stone is sure to bring the glamour to this brand new gangster film where Brolin, Penn and Gosling will work as a trio to bring the crime and despair. you can have a look at the trailer gangster squad Emma Stone

I absolutely adore the Burlesque era of the early 20th Century, and 1950s have always been incredibly appealing and I cannot wait to see Gangster Squad this weekend for this reason.  If like me you love this unforgettable and glamorous era why not book a Chicago dance class, a Burlesque session or cocktail making master class for your upcoming hen party? This why you will be able to step back in time with all of your favourite girlfriends in an indulgent vintage night out!

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