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Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Posted by Alec on November 21 2013.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Last weekend, we hosted a great 21st birthday party in London – the girls practised their burlesque dancing while the boys learned the Full Monty striptease, then later the whole group got together for a Cocktail Making Masterclass!

Our Favourite Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Starting your birthday party off with Polestars is a great idea – we’ll organise a great city-centre venue (usually with a bar attached), get everyone warmed up with some fantastic dancing, mixology, or a sushi making masterclass; and make sure you’ll have a birthday that your guests will never forget!

After the Polestars party was done, the group stayed at the bar (their dance class was in private rooms attached to a great bar in Soho) for a few drinks and a meal, and then hit clubs – partying all night.

This year, why not consider adding a Polestars party to your birthday?? For as little as £24 per person, we can teach you a great dance you won’t forget and take care of all of the details.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas – Preen and Pout

Vintage Makeover and Photoshoot: 

Can you pout like Marilyn? Or pose like Betty? If so you are a real vintage vixen then a Polestars Vintage Makeover and Photo Shoot is the perfect party for you! Our trained makeup artists will have you and your guests looking like real starlets in no time, and then our professional photographer will have you posing as if you were on Hollywood Boulevard.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas – Leanr the Charleston, Old Sport

Roaring 20’s Dance:

Now that Great Gatsby fever has truly swept the nation, it’s time for gals to learn to dance the Charleston like a true Flapper during their Roaring 20s dance hen party.

In this 2 hour class you will have a chance to become lascivious and liberated as you like whilst channelling your inner Daisy Buchanan. Your dance instructor will teach you all the essential moves to put on your own energetic exhibition of 20’s glitz and glamour.

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