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Free Wedding Photography

Posted by Hannah Carrier on January 18 2017.

One of the most crucial considerations when planning a wedding is your wedding photography. It’s a special day and so it’s understandable that you want to have it captured in photographic form forever. If you thought that you could only get what you want by spending a fortune, however, you’d be wrong! There are plenty of ways you can get a range of wonderful photos throughout the special day with just a little bit of organisation and the help of your wedding guests.

Give Guests a Camera and Bingo Sheet

wedding photography

Some guests will take photos even if you don’t ask, for example, your best friend! You can, however make it a fun task by giving guests a bingo sheet of photos you’d like captured. From the bride getting ready, to the groom’s reaction to her walking down the aisle, the vows, the ring exchange, the first dance, the cutting of the cake etc. Challenge your guests to photograph as much as possible and enjoy all the candid shots you get sent after the wedding!


Photo Booth

photo booth wedding

Photo booths are a great way for guests to capture the fun that they are having at the wedding but are often expensive. You can make your own for free! Find a quiet space in the reception venue and set up a fun backdrop,  silly props and a camera on a tripod with a timer setting. Go instant with a polaroid or instant printer, set up a computer that guests can email the photos from or just leave a sign saying when you will distribute the photos. If you’re really crafty, design a personalised wedding frame for the photos!



wedding banner backdrop

The more beautiful your wedding and wedding reception is, the more likely your guests are going to take photos! Think backdrops and flat lays, food arrangements, flowers and decorations! Banners make great backgrounds and easy to source. Sometimes you can even get a bag of letters to personalise a banner yourself! Litter banners with messages of love, the date and your names around the venue and you can be sure that people will snap some selfies there!


If you use any of these tips, send us some photos via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For more advice, see our blog!

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