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Bridesmaid Jewellery; Five Elements of Buying

Posted by Hannah Carrier on June 7 2017.

Bridesmaid jewellery plays an important role in the wedding look. The market is full of bridesmaid jewellery but sometimes makes it challenging to choose something! We look at five elements of buying bridesmaid jewellery to help make your decision!


Where to Buy Affordable Bridesmaid Jewellery


jewellery bridesmaid bracelet

Large groups of bridesmaids want a bargain without compromising on quality.  A way of achieving this is to purchase jewellery online. The Internet offers a quick way of seeing an extensive range of jewellery. Bridesmaids can check specifications such as necklace length and materials as well as price and online offers before making a decision.


What is in Trend in Terms of Bridesmaid Jewellery?


Bridesmaid Jewellery customised modern

Bridesmaids should look at what jewellery styles are in trend right now especially if a bridesmaid event is coming up soon. For example, signet rings have made it back on the map! The times when these items were considered only for royalty are gone. Modern jewellery collections now combine the old and the new with customised engraved symbols.


Is Personalised Jewellery the Right Choice?


personalised bridesmaid jewellery

As with clothing, most modern bridesmaids don’t want to wear the same as everyone else. It is considered a fashion faux pas to accidentally turn up in the same clothes and accessories are much the same. Personalised bridesmaid jewellery will ensure a unique wow factor.



Is Extravagance Too Much?


Bridesmaid Jewellery earringsAs a bridesmaid, you play a very important role in the wedding. You want to look good and all but not upstage the bride but you need not worry! The bride will always be the star of the show, regardless. Go for the jewellery item you like so long as it will compliment the dress and the wedding theme.



Should Bridesmaids Wear the Same Jewellery?


Bridesmaid JewelleryThe answer to this question varies according to each event. The bride usually establishes the rules of etiquette with the bridesmaids before the wedding. Don’t feel shy to raise questions so you know exactly what is expected of you as the bridesmaid and whether you are collaborating on bridesmaid jewellery.



Being a bridesmaid is a special honour that girls receive in their life. Bridesmaid jewellery, especially for the wedding, is a great souvenir to cherish thereafter!


This post was guest blogged by Edward Francis and MyFamilySilver.com!


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