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Fun Fitness Tips For The Wedding Day

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on April 15 2015.

Our friends over at Platinum Stages are pole fitness crazy! We asked them all about fun fitness tips for the wedding day and they kindly obliged! 

What bride does not want to look her best on her wedding day?  Women spend a lot of money and countless hours preparing for their big day.  Of course, brides spend a lot of money on their wedding gowns, veil, shoes, hair and make-up, but more and more women are also dedicating a good amount of time to getting in shape for their wedding day.

Bridal Boot Camps have been around for years, but for a lot of people they are not fun and tend to focus on certain trouble spots and not the whole body.

Pole fitness is great alternative for brides who do not want to take part in the standard boot camp. It also has the added benefit of improving self-confidence and self-esteem; there are even some fabulous skills that brides can take with them on their honeymoons.

Pole Dancing Hen Party

Pole Dancing Hen Party

One of the best things about pole fitness is that it works the whole body, but especially the core and arms.  Core exercises are pretty standard but they often ignore the back of the body in favor of the front body, pole classes have an advantage over standard exercise classes as they work the whole core.  Additionally, pole classes work a bride’s upper body extensively. Often women do not put a lot of emphasis on their upper body fitness and then are frustrated with they try on wedding gowns as they are frequently showcased.

Pole fitness classes are an amazing way to kick of a hen party as well. Polestars arrange private pole dancing hen parties every weekend, which is a great way to kick start the weekend and bond with the group.

Brides can exercise every day but without changing eating habits they will not see the best results possible.  Change eating habits to a whole food based diet with clean ingredients; if you can’t pronounce it or you would need more than a year of university chemistry to identify it, don’t eat it.  Ideally, a meal plan should be made up mostly of fruit and vegetables and lean protein.  It also should include a lot of water.

Pole fitness is amazing it is fantastic exercise as well as fun- most often participants do not realize the incredible workout there are getting until the results are undeniable.  Because it is fun, people are more likely to stick with it and work to meet individual goals.

Planning a wedding takes a lot or work and a lot of time by including fitness in this planning, brides are making an investment in their health as well as appearance.


Platinum Stages has a great website, check it out here.

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