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Heath’s first Glamping trip

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.
First Glamping trip campfire

First Glamping trip

As our wet wet wet summer continues we can’t help but think that anybody booking up for our Glamping trips must be absolutely insane. That was until Heath got back from his first Glamping trip in Cheddar last week.

The first glamping trip of the season

He had a fantastic time, and it seems that the hens who attended did too. The rain didn’t stop anybody from having an enjoyable time. Here is what Heath had to say about the whole experience:

“It has taken me over a week to get all my equipment dry and also to clear the cobwebs from my brain after that first glamping trip…

As the bride arrived all I could hear her say was “it’s the wettest day of the year” and boy was she right.  It started raining about two hours before our group arrived, Mike, Grant and I were previously hanging on to the hope that it would not rain or if it did it would only be a shower.

Oh how we were wrong. It actually rained and rained and just when we thought it was going to wash us away it got heavier.

All credit to the girls Janine, Hannah and all the rest did an amazing job. Once in the warm dry Tipi, it was time to crack on with the cocktails, First we had the Sloegasms, (homemade sloe gin and champagne) they can be lethal, but actually that was just the beginning. Some elderflower cordial and another couple of bottles of champers helped loads.

Mike Grant and I set to the job of cooking dinner in the rain whilst the group got on with making some more cocktails, followed by a feast of Fillet steak, jacket potatoes, and an apple and blackberry crumble, of course served with Custard.

More cocktails and games ensued, and somehow they even got me dressed up in a toilet paper wedding dress, which had a rather dashing halter neck!

We woke again to more rain. Our breakfast consisted of pancakes and fruit before they headed of the muddiest mud buggy session man has ever heard of.”

If you would like us to organise your first Glamping trip for you and your hens you can do so by booking online here, or by calling our office on 020 7274 4865

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