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Fashion style: Funky by polestars

Posted by Clement Boateng on March 21 2014.

Nothing wrong with a bit of funk in your life, in fact it’s the spice of life that makes all things worthwhile. Yes the funky retro look and style is coming back and as spring comes around the corner, so too does the chance to get the bright colours, outrageous clothes and sparkling accessories out.
This style is for the brave and not for the weak of heart as it requires you to gather courage, take a path less travelled and go against the social norms of society. Nothing shouts confidence more than somebody who is not afraid to stand out and be proud of it. It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything overtly outlandish. It can be something subtle as a simple accessory piece that you add to the whole ensemble, like the icing to the cake. Here are some things to think about when considering what your special funky something will be?


Fashion Friday: Funky style

Now when it comes to your colour choice, it is essential that you are comfortable with your fashion funky colour you wear. There is no point wearing a colour that you feel like a walking target to everybody in the world. The colour has to be an expression of yourself whether it express your mood or tone you set for yourself for the day then it is about to you.
In fashion wearing something that won’t kill you, for example wearing a fur jacket in the middle of summer when you know you’re dying of the heat is just ridiculous. Make sure it’s sensible and smart but have fun with the materials.
When we say style in a fashion context,  it’s not necessarily what you wear but how you wear it. It doesn’t matter what your funky style is as long as you know how to rock it with confidence and with style.
Patterns are what makes a particular item all the more interesting to people. Unique and almost like a brand signature to the designer themselves. Whether you want matching patterns or alternating is up to you.
Similar to advertising, shout it out so everybody sees it or subtle approach to catch the eye of a specific target. Some people like all different size each catered to individual tastes and preference. Just as long as it doesn’t weight you down anything could do.

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