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Fashion Friday; Emmys Disasters

Posted by Holly Anderson on October 11 2013.

Welcome to Fashion Friday; our Weekly Fashion Fix where we select a celebrity look and pose the question: Would you wear this on your hen party?

Fashion Friday - Emmysfashion friday - emmysHave you ever asked someone for their opinion on your outfit? It’s tricky business, not least for the person you’ve asked. A partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is obliged to tell you you look gorgeous, regardless. A mother’s opinion is biased; she’ll think you look beautiful if you’re wearing a sack. A shop assistant is after a quick sale and will tell you whatever you want to hear. Friends should give you their opinion, but perhaps their wary of offending you.

However, all is not lost if you’re looking for someone’s honest opinion and there’s a specific group of people that aren’t afraid of speaking their mind. They’re not afraid of causing offence and they provide some surprisingly insightful opinions. Who are these brave people you may wonder. Well, we’re talking about the under 10s. Kids are not constrained by the rules of diplomacy and they will give you their honest opinion of your outfit, should you dare ask for it.

A contributor to one internet blog recently gave her 7-year-old daughter free reign to give her opinion on what the stars wore to this year’s Emmys. And the result – a hilarious, satirical take on the outfits. She said what we were all thinking  but perhaps wouldn’t utter aloud for fear of being catty. She also said what some of the star’s friends should have been brave enough to say before they let them sashay down the red carpet. Here are a few of our favourite quips …

Anna Faris’s dress was “way, way too yellow. She looks like Big Bird” – above left

Audrey Plaza looked like a “spider wearing her underwear” – above right

January Jones looked like she “was wearing some old table cloth”

Mindy Kaling looked like “a grape. But a fancy grape with gems”

Crazy outfits work well for hen parties, but would you wear this week’s Fashion Friday ideas?

Why not read the full article?

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