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Fashion Crisis 2013

Posted by laura on October 17 2013.

I was actually finding it painful to look through the multi-coloured, strangely shaped monstrosities that apparently people are wearing at the moment. All I wanted was a few nice shirts and couple of pairs of decent fitting jeans but the fashion gods wouldn’t grant me my wish!

Fashion Crisis 2013

Maybe I have just got very uncool, and I know that I wasn’t particularly cool to start with, but I find myself just not getting fashion any more. If anybody has been paying any attention to London Fashion Week you will probably be aware that it isn’t going to get any better any time soon anyway. This awful futuristic ‘anti-glam’ look which seems to have been about for so many seasons now looks to be staying for Autumn and Winter. It would appear that 2013 is definitely set to be another year full of fashion crisis!

If, like me, you are a little fed up with the fashion at the moment then you will enjoy these videos from our teacher, Sheena, who can teach you how to wear a scarf in the most flattering way for your body shape. Her examples are timeless; accessorising  with a scarf will always always brighten up your outfit!


How to Tie a Scarf – Side Bows


How to Tie a Scarf – Plaited Scarf


The Gok Knot

If you are hating on modern fashion too you may be interested in our Vintage Makeover and Photo Shoot hen party where Polestars will transport you back to a better time where ladies wore pretty make up and posed in their fancy frocks!

perhaps the next time I pick up a fashion magazine I will find something new and exciting that inspires me to run out and renew my whole wardrobe instantly, and make me feel like fashion has finally met with my approval

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