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Farewell From A Top Dance Teacher

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.

Farewell From A Top Dance Teacher

After teaching countless lessons and hundreds of pole spins Kat is moving on to new adventures.

Farewell From A Top Dance Teacher

Ladies and gentleman,
When we started Polestars in the early 2000 it was literally my little hobby: I wanted to learn how to poledance and no one was teaching at the time (can you imagine??), so we decided to organise me some classes! We found a venue, someone to make the poles for us (again, this was a totally new area at the time) and we found Sam, a great poledancer, to teach the classes for us. I took bookings on my mobile on my lunch breaks at work and about 10 girls turn up each week to the grotty back room the the Telegraph club in Brixton to enjoy learning the acrobatics of how to spin on the poles with me!

Farewell From A Top Dance Teacher – Then and Now

Who would have known then that 10 years on we are still going strong and teaching the most amazing selection of fun activities nationwide to the most fun loving girls (and now boys as well!) you could possible imagine??!

Over the years I have had the good fortune to learn a hugely varied (and slightly random! :-D) set of skills from the best teachers I could have ever wished for: Raquel Roberts, Tina Barnes, Georgie Manning-Harris, Emma McCarthy, Faye Quinney, Tempest Rose – just to mention a few! – have all (patiently!) taught me how to twirl those tassles, hoop that hula, count the steps, feel the rhythm, get into the groove and in general shake my ass like I just don’t care! :-D

Farewell From A Top Dance Teacher – Meeting Other Talented Dancers

Polestars has given me the opportunity to really enjoy passing this knowledge on to my wonderful students. I have had the privilege to work with hugely talented people doing something really, really fun – what more could one ask for?!

And now my friends, the time has come for me to learn something brand new again and indeed, to experience the biggest adventure of my lifetime: I am going to hang up my dancing shoes and get ready to welcome our beautiful baby daughter into this world! The due date is in 7 weeks time – Not long to go now! I cannot wait to see her little face! :-)

So farewell for now,  I hope you all have a wonderful summer and in the words of good old Brucey: “Keeep Dancing!”

Kat Xxx

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