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Here at Polestars we all put our heads together and came up with some shared wisdom to answer the questions that come up the most. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to email or call 020 7274 4865 with any further queries.

How do I pay for a Polestars Party?

Once you have decided which party you would like us to host for your hen party you will need to either make your booking online or by calling 020 7274 4865. We will take a £50 deposit, which will go towards the final bill. The deposit will be used to secure a venue and staff for your booking.

We will take the final payment 2 weeks before your party date. This is when will make final venue confirmations.

When will my venue be confirmed?

We will aim to book all of our venues within 4 weeks to the party date. Final confirmations will be made when the final balance is cleared 2 weeks before the party.

What is burlesque?

Many students feel a bit embarrassed about asking us what burlesque is so they miss out on all the fun by not booking! So we’ve come up with an explanation that should help you out.

Burlesque began in the 1840s, but achieved greatest popularity in the 1930s, when people were looking for a distraction from the Depression. It is a working class art form, which was designed to parody the traditions and culture of the upper classes.

It has made a comeback in recent years, with the new generation nostalgic for the glamour of this retro form of entertainment. Neo-burlesque is more about empowering women to feel good about their bodies and creating their own performances. Modern burlesque stars (or stars who have a burlesque element to their work) include: Dita von Teese, Immodesty Blaize, the Pussycat Dolls and  Christina Aguilera. For more information about what we teach, head over to our burlesque page.

What is a Polestars Taster Session?

We often run Taster sessions for Burlesque and Pole throughout the country. These taster sessions are two hour classes usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and will teach you the basics of either Pole or Burlesque. Join our mailing list to find out when taster sessions are running in your area!

Can I bring my children to the party?

If you will be bringing children to your event you will have to let the venue know beforehand so we can ensure that you booked into a child friendly venue.

Will I be allowed a male stripper during my Hen Party?

If this is something you would like to organise please ask the office before you book the stripper so we can check that this will not affect the regulations of the venue we have booked for you.

What time slots can I have my party?

We run our parties on Saturdays at two hour slots between 11.00 and 18.00. However if you would like a party on a different day or time let the office know and we’ll tell you what we can do for you!

Can I take pictures during my party?

Of course you can take pictures during your party! You can even ask your teacher to place you in a perfect formation and will take a picture for you!

How far in advance should I book?

The earlier you book the more likely we will be able to accommodate all of your needs perfectly. We would suggest booking at least two months in advance – however we will work our hardest to suit last minute bookings!

Are there female and male teachers?

We use both male and female staff. For obvious reasons only female staff teach Pole, Burlesque and Can-Can. For any other dances that you would prefer to be taught by a female instructor please let the office know when booking.

Can I have spectators who will not take part in the party?

Spectators are encouraged to come along to our parties, but they should be warned that our teachers will try to make them join in!

Poles in Class

In every Pole Dancing venue there will be two poles per group. This means that your group can be split and taught in two parts. The two groups can then perform for each other at the end of the session.

What is the minimum payment for a Polestars Party?

The price per person for each party is displayed on the individual party page, however there is a minimum amount of people required per party.

Is alcohol on offer at the parties? Can I bring my own?

When our parties are in our bar/club venues the licensed bar will be open and you will be able to purchase drinks. However in some of our dance studios and gyms – where there are no bars – you may be able to purchase drinks beforehand to bring with you, but please check with our office before doing this. Please note that no drinks are provided by Polestars, to keep our prices competitive we do not add the price of drinks onto our cost of our parties.

Are there changing rooms in the venues?

All parties are set in private rooms that you can feel free to change in, or there will be toilet facilities. Venues that are gyms or dance studios will have changing rooms. Let the office know if this is a necessity for you!

What kind of venue will my party take place in?

 We work in three different types of venues:

  •   Bars/Clubs
  •   Gyms/Dance Studios
  •   Private Function Halls in Hotels

Let us know which is best for you so we can book the perfect venue for you!

Do all Polestars Parties take place in private rooms?

All Polestars dance parties take place in private rooms, where you will be able to express yourself freely with one of our fully trained teachers

Is there an age limit on a Polestars Pole Dancing Party?

Nobody is too young or too old to enjoy dancing! However we do suggest that for our Burlesque and Pole dancing parties all guests are over 18. For the other dances please let the office know when booking if there are any under 18s so we can book you into a suitable venue! Also, Cocktail Making Parties are strictly over 18’s.

What do I wear to a Polestars Dance Party?

We always suggest that you dress up to the theme of your party! For example the Grease hen party it is always fun to dress the bride-to-be as Sandy and the other girls as the pink ladies! For Can-Can you should wear big knickers to flash, for Burlesque something sultry and sexy. For pole dancing we do suggest bare legs, hot pants for example, so you can grip with the pole, and heels to make you feel sexy! Heels are not a necessity for all of the dances; really you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Can I still attend a Polestars Party if I am pregnant?

Really, the answer to this question in down to you and how you feel. We would not suggest Pole Dancing or Can-Can when pregnant as these can be high impact for your stomach muscles. However classes such as Burlesque are very low impact and would be suitable for a pregnant woman. Dances such as our movie themed parties may be a little more strenuous. Again, the taking part really does depend on how you feel. Remember, before taking part in any exercise whilst pregnant please seek advice from your doctor.

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