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Posted by Clement Boateng on March 27 2014.

Some reason or another people have their own reasons for drinking. Some less inspirationally than others. Movies are one source of why people like to drink. Working as free advertising to persuade the unsuspecting audience to give in to these famous drinks making you feel a part the movie too. So here are some famous film drinks that may get you in the mood.

Classic film drinks that you can try in reality

Film drinks

Sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist: This classic film drink is taken from the movie groundhogs day this drink was perfect for Bill Murray to win the heart of the object of his affection

Alabama slammer: Taken from the movie cocktail this was done perfectly in the last the barman poet scene.

Alaskan polar bear: Taken from the comedy nutty professor the original. Even though the drink itself was weird was completely mad up it has become a hit in popular culture making its way from scene to reality.

Red eye: The drink called the red eye taken from the hit cult classic Cocktail was made as a remedy for a hangover. Whether it actually works or just gives you a bigger hangover is still yet to be found out.

Side car: Taken from Bonfires of the Vanities this drink was so delicious that the character Arthur is willing to tempt death and have a sip of this golden nectar even though it could kill him.

French 75:  From the famous Casablanca movie this famous drink gets its name from a 75 millimetre gun. Perfect match for a movie about spies and war.

Martini (shaken not stirred) Vesper: Made from the iconic symbol from the iconic 007 character James bond. The drink that every man at the bar in a tuxedo always wanted to be the guy ladies wanted and every guy wanted to be.

Singapore sling: This is from the iconic movie Fear and loathing based on the life of popular journalist and played wonderfully by Johnny Depp

White Russian: this very popular drink was taken from a hilariously iconic film called the big Lebowski by a character named the dude.

Old fashioned: It’s a mad mad world was a film noir classic full of comedy capers that has made this drink famous and the symbol of every dapper gentlemen in the world including Don Draper from the hit series Mad men.

Manhattan / Whiskey sours: The starlet iconic legend of the big scene Marilyn Monroe made this drink popular. Whether you like it normal or dressed up depends on you.

If you like the thought of drinks for a party idea and you like to try some drinks then why not try our cocktail making classes. 

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