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Expect the unexpected on your wedding day

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

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The day you have always dreamt of is finally turning into reality ‘your wedding day’. The planning that comes with so much stress and excitement, the joy that fills your heart, the fear and panic, your hopes and perhaps the greatest day of your life. Yes it’s your wedding day coming soon so do not panic because it’s a beautiful thing that the day starts with two people in love and ends as husband and wife. How lovely is that.

It’s a start of a new journey for you and a moment to cherish and treasure that comes with moments of pleasure. So enjoy the moments as it comes however your personality must stand out. Just to let you know, expect the unexpected on the day just to get you prepared for whatever happens.

what to expect on your wedding day

wedding day dress groomOk let’s get straight to the point. You have spent time planning and perfecting all activities happening on your wedding day, analysing for months and have put in so much effort to make that day perfect but remember that no matter how much effort you put in to make the day flow just right, something unexpected is bound to happen but don’t panic so it doesn’t ruin your special moment. Just anticipate that something will happen this will allow you choose an alternative plan quickly.

Although the unexpected could be anything but there are few common ones. What can tend to happen usually is the late arrival of staffs and guests. Sometimes unexpected traffic on their way or someone just forgot the map to get to the venue. You can delegate these issues with a trusted family member who can help make sure the photographer or whoever in this case gets directed quickly as possible.

Another common disaster brides tend to encounter on the wedding day is attire stain. How sad is it to have a glass of red wine pour on your beautiful white wedding dress or even stuck zippers. Of course you always try on your dress before the wedding to guarantee everything fits perfectly. Make sure you have the common sewing instruments with you on that day like a matching thread, scissors, beads in case anything falls off, safety pins and needles. This may come handy if the unexpected happen.

Be sure to have an emergency kit very close by in case of headaches or slight dizziness. Couple of fainting incidents has happened in the past due to stress of planning. This is not to make you panic but to get you prepared so that your special day is not ruined by any unexpected incident.

Remember it is your wedding day; you can make it the most memorable day of your life. Remember personality counts so relax and enjoy the moment. whilst planning your wedding don’t forget about your last night of freedom. check out our exciting hen party ideas.

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