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Buns on Buns! Erotic Hen Party Cakes

Posted by Hannah Carrier on November 23 2016.

Hen parties would be nothing without the celebration of the male figure. From phallic straws to tiaras and tee shirts, no one knows how to praise the penis better than a hen party! The boom in cupcake design in the last few years has allowed hens to be more creative than ever with hen party cakes!



What Are Erotic Cakes?

hen party cakes penis cake pinkcakelandTypical hen party cakes will feature flowers, a learning plate and some girly underwear! The bride-to-be might find her name on the cakes along with inside jokes and her favourite things, manifested in icing! More modern hen party cupcakes are seen to include a woman’s best assets,  and of course, the male anatomy. If you’re cautious about asking a bakery to do your dirty work, don’t worry! We have picked out some that have seen it all before!




BBKakeshen party cakes cupcakes cupcake decorating penis cakes, a north London bakery with years of experience in creating delicious cakes, have been known to create a range of hen party cakes. Of course, their cake repertoire includes the birthday ones, the congratulations on the baby ones and the rest, but their ‘saucy cakes’ history shows them to be well-equipped for the hen party task!




Pink Cake Land

Pinkcakelandhen party cakes funny rude penis cake are also experts on such matters. Their ‘naughty cakes’ go down a treat at hen and stag parties. Whether you model the cake’s male character on the groom-to-be, play on the bride-to-be’s love of hot tubs or just go for a faceless phallic cake, you are sure to bring the party a cake to remember!





Do it Yourself

hen party cakes cupcakesOr, if you’d rather be more involved in the making process, then why not make the hen party cupcakes at the hen party itself? Our cupcake decorating hen party class will ensure each hen takes home four cupcakes, personally decorated however they like! From piping to sprinkling and boxing them up, let your creativity take over and compete to see who can make the naughtiest cupcake of the group!


One thing is for sure: The bar is set high for hen party cakes!


Image credit:

Header image: BBKakes

Image 1: Pinkcakeland

Image 2: BBKakes

Image 3: Pinkcakeland

Image 4: Stephanie McCabe, Unsplash


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