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Engagement rings: two different types of girls

Posted by Alice on June 7 2017.

When it comes to engagement rings and the question who should choose it, opinions differ widely. It seems to be a never-ending discussion that separates women into several groups. But there are two of them that are the most eye-catching and at the same time the most different ones: on the one hand dominant, perfectionist and on the other hand romantic, down-to-earth women.


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The dominant, perfectionist woman

To avoid misunderstandings: dominant is not meant in a “Christian Grey-way”, but kind of controlling. I am talking about women that want to have it constantly together and never fail. A strong woman who worked hard for success and get what she wants. Due to her high expectations of design and everything that comes with it, she could be disappointed if her fiancé chose the wrong ring; although he might have taste. She would favour choosing the ring on her own over a romantic and surprising proposal to avoid not being super excited, because she loves her man and doesn’t want to hurt him. But girls come on, how wrong can he be?



What all women have in common is that they want to have a beautiful ring. There is a huge variety: some of you prefer a simple, classy ring; some a more extraordinary, eye-catching one. It should be a ring which can still be worn in 50 years, a ring for the rest of your life.

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The romantic, down-to-earth woman

For my part, I am more romantic and I love surprises. It’s very important for me to trust my man with his taste or just his smartness to ask my family and friends for help. I don’t have that many expectations to the ring, more to the whole way of proposing. Women like me would be more or less disappointed if the man would propose without a ring or a cheap temporary one, so that they had to choose the ring by themselves. And even if it is a ring that they would never have chosen, their future fiancé could never get it wrong because no down-to-earth woman could ever hate her engagement ring; the only no-go would be a Haribo gummy bear ring.


If it comes to a proposal, you can be sure that you are the love of his life. So please keep in mind that it’s not worth to argue about the ring or way of proposing. Because in the end it will be always his choice how to do it.

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