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Engagement rings 2015

Posted by veronika BLASKOVA on June 7 2017.

As 14th February is slowly approaching here in Polestars we think that you might want to look through some inspiration for the ring finger on your left hand. If you having a feeling your boyfriend is going to propose we have put the most popular engagement rings in 2015 for you to find the right design for your finger.

Engagement rings 2015engagement rings diamond

It might get rather confusing to pick a perfect ring especially with all that wide choice these days. There are many different types of metal like yellow gold or rose gold. If you prefer white metal then you might like white gold, palladium, and silver or platinum. The cost of these beauties for your ring finger will depend on the type of metal you go for. In case you are wondering the most expensive is platinum followed by gold and palladium.

If you have decided upon a metal type then you should pick a stone shape. You will find so many varieties of stone shape. Try to think what would be suitable for you according to work and lifestyle. Just to give you an idea of shapes you can pick from shapes such as oval, heart shaped, emerald cut, princess cut or round cut diamond. Take your time and pick carefully because not every shape is suitable for your ring finger.

In case you are after an extraordinary engagement ring and you don’t want to stick to classic diamond there is plenty of high street jewellery designers. If you want your engagement ring to stand out from the standard you can check out design collections by companies such as Tiffany or Chopard.

If you are looking for unique and exquisite engagement ring you can always design your engagement ring. There are designers you can go to and have the ring done handmade. You can go from classically styled engagement ring to unique piece of jewelry. An engagement ring is not only a piece of jeweler. It is something special that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. It should be shiny, pretty and classy!

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