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Eclair the mini chocolate treat

Posted by Clement Boateng on March 19 2014.

Eclair the mini chocolate treatAre you looking for a chocolate treat or a sweet mini pastry to satisfy you sweet tooth? Then perhaps Chocolate eclair might be what you might be looking for. Chocolate covered, whipped creme filled, sugar coated delight.


Chocolate eclair treat!

Chocolate éclair treat

Whether you like the Cadbury chocolate treat in a wrapper or the whip cream, chocolate covered pastry that everyone dreams of then this blog is for you.

These treats are great for the weekend and can be taken with you coffee, tea, or just as a nice little treat that between or after meals. Created in nineteenth century Paris by the famous French chef Antonin Careme. It was originally called pain à la duchesse and June 22 is national éclair day

They don’t just come in chocolate too. There are many options such as caramel covered eclair, whipped cream or custard covered eclair with strawberry filling. The variety is endless.

Well here is a chocolate eclair recipe from ‘BBC’s food recipes’ by Raymond Blanc, that you can try at home if you feel up for it.

Chocolate Éclair cakes

Yes the chocolate paradise doesn’t just stop with the original version! You can get eclair in chocolate cake form too. Whipped crème filled delight shaped in cake slice form. Made in the same basic principle of its original predecessor adding layers of crackers to the combination. This form of the eclair has become very popular over the years.

If this seems like something that you are daring enough to try and feel like you have the skill and desire to achieve this dream then why not get stuck into this recipe found on Mr.food.com. Simple and very delicious!

So if the thought of chocolate sends bells ringing in your stomach and you are looking for a chocolate dessert then why not try out or chocolate making hen party for some chocolate making treats.

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