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Design a Beautiful Home Dance Studio

Posted by Olivar Calvo Sandy on June 7 2017.


“Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.” – Mary Schmich



Couple Shoes

The American journalist was entirely right. Dancing is such a basic need that it should be done whenever and wherever you can. Although any space is good enough to move your feet to the beat, it does not get much better than your own beautiful home dance studio. Having a space where you can dance each day, will not only help you enjoy the music and practice (if you are a professional dancer), but it will also bring a lot of health benefits, including increasing your lung capacity, strengthening your bones, torching the calories, and elevating your mood. Luckily, building a home dance studio is much easier than it sounds.




Choose a Room


Parquet Floor wedding room

The first step in making a home dance studio is choosing a room in which you feel comfortable dancing and which does not have any specific purpose yet. Still, the availability of the room is not the only factor that should impact your decision.


You should also consider how much space does this room provide, is it in the middle of the high-traffic area in the house, is it quiet enough, what are its ventilation options, etc. The room you choose must be spacious, relatively isolated, and with enough windows to provide constant flow of the fresh air.





Find the Right Surface


Right Surface

Choosing a dance floor is not at all easy. It is not only an aesthetic or comfort matter, but also a matter of safety. Therefore, you should avoid rigid surfaces, such as pavement and cement which can damage your knees and joints, but also carpeting, because it can cause tripping and make turning and moving difficult.


Marley covering is the most ideal flooring, but it is very expensive. Hardwood is the second most acceptable option, but it can also cost you a lot of money. A more affordable alternative is laminate flooring, but PVC shower power liner is not a bad solution either, and it is actually quite easy to install.




Get a Mirror


There is no dance studio without mirrors, regardless whether you are pole dancer or you are practicing ballet. Professional dancing studios usually have more than one mirrored wall, but for a home variety, one will be sufficient.


A Mirror dance

There are several different options, when it comes to mirroring your studio. Of course, your best, but also the most expensive option would be to mirror one entire studio wall, but you can also install sliding mirror doors, use large mirror on rollers so that you can move the mirror around the room depending on your needs or the most affordable solution – mirror stick-on squares which allow you to cover a large surface on a tight budget.




Install a Barre


A Barre dance

You probably think that a barre is only needed if you are a ballet dancer, but it can also be a very useful tool for stretching and preparing your muscles for all dancing styles. Luckily, the barre can be very affordable, because you do not need a large wall mounted barre intended for a number of students to stretch at once. Instead you can use a freestanding barre which can be positioned wherever you like and moved around, when you need it.


You can also create your own barre. Just find a thick dowel and visit some well-equipped online tool shop to get mounting hardware. Make sure, though, that your DIY project is not shorter than 5 feet, if you are making a free-standing barre, and not shorter than 8 feet if you are installing a wall mount one.




Finishing Touches


Pole Dancing hen party

Now it is almost over, and all that remains is to fill up the space with some useful items, such as stereo system or an iPod, video camera if you want to record your progress, prop stand or area for dance shoes, costumes and other dancing supplies. If your dancing style requires some additional improvements, feel free to do it. Your last task is to make the space personal. You can do that by accessorizing it with some meaningful decorative items, hanging motivational posters, or posters of your dancing role models, hanging curtains in your favorite color, etc. If you want, you can make the studio more fun and versatile by installing a pole. That way, your home will be the favorite place for pole dancing hen nights your girlfriends will love.


Your home dancing studio will help you dance out of hobby whenever you want, or have a perfect supplement to your regular classes and routines, if you are a professional dancer. Either way, you will enjoy the experience of dancing whenever you feel like.



Thanks Chloe Taylor for this beautiful article! 

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