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Dance with Claudia; the winter Olympics, showgirls and good poise!

Posted by Holly Anderson on February 27 2014.

Who watched the Winter Olympics last week?

Wow, what unbelievably talented athletes on display. Once again, dance proved it has a place on the biggest of world stages with the stunning ballet in the Winter Olympics closing ceremony, just magical.  If you missed it, it’s definitely worth a watch, truly inspirational.

Winter Olympics - Kylie This week, as promised, I want to share with you how we can bring a little bit of showgirl sparkle in to our everyday lives!  Showgirls may have originated as far back as the 1800’s, but their infectious style has a strong presence in the world of entertainment today.  Beyonce has been inspired by the look for many a performance and Kylie even dedicated her Greatest Hits tour to their style.  Hey, if it’s good enough for them…

First things first, as with any style of dance, good posture is essential.  A good tip is to imagine you are wearing an amazing diamond necklace around your neck and your aim is to show it off.  This motion will instantly pull back your shoulder blades, lift your chest a little and show off your decolletage; sexy and classy.

Next, picture yourself wearing the matching earrings!  They are long diamond drop earrings and we don’t want them to touch our shoulders, so we need to give ourselves a nice long neck and not give in to common tension that causes our shoulders to rise.

Winter Olympics - Show girl

We don’t all have legs up to our armpits like the renowned Parisian showgirls but to give the illusion of long slender legs and to stay lady like at all times, stand with one leg slightly crossed in front of the other, known as the ‘bevel’, which we will definitely be studying more closely another time!

In the meantime, the most important thing to do is THINK TALL – believe me, nothing makes you pull up like standing in an audition surrounded by 5’ 8 and over dancers!  The best thing is that pulling up brings your weight out of your feet, making life a lot easier when you are dancing the night away in your favourite heels.  Lift your chin and with it, your eye line and you’re good to go.  Oh and… breathe!!

Have fun trying out your new confident poise this weekend and stay tuned to Polestars’ fabulous blog for more tips on raising the wow factor.

Claudia xx

Showgirl Kylie image 

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