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‘Curvy Women Are Sexier’

Posted by laura on November 19 2013.

'Curvy Women Are Sexier'

 Recent studies have shown that men turn to a curvier woman in times of stress, many believe that Curvy Women Are Sexier so Polestars investigate further. Apparently a woman’s curves imply maturity to the male species, which in turn makes men think that the woman will be able to handle a crisis.

‘Curvy Women Are Sexier’ – In Times of Crisis

Particularly in Britain and the States it would seem that during any time of depression images of curvier women have been used to relieve male tension (cough cough). Take for example the war time pin up girls appearing on posters and post cards which hardly portray size 0 models. Then there were women such a Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Dorris Day, all of which flaunted their curves and whose photos are still lusted over by men today.

‘Curvy Women Are Sexier’ – In Classical Art

It would also seem that this phenomenon of curvy women is no new thing. If you look at classical art, especially the depictions of the goddess Venus, you will see that artists hundreds of years ago also preferred larger ladies. Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ is the perfect example of this, with Venus painted with boobs, hips and thighs that men still love today!

The study from Westminster University put men from all different backgrounds through a series of tests aimed to cause their stress levels to rise. Researchers then showed these men photos of different women, from anorexic to obese, to see which they preferred whilst their stress levels were still high. Though none chose the extremes, most went for the curvier women and only a few opting for the slimmer ladies.

‘Curvy Women Are Sexier’ – In The Modern Day

In recent years there have been massive debates surrounding size 0 models, yet more curvier women have become more popular in the public image. Women such as Katy Perry are not only fantasised over by men but have women craving the curves! The cast of The Only Way Is Essex have also proved that boobs and bums are fantastic!

‘Curvy Women Are Sexier’ – The Art of Burlesque

At Polestars we have always thought curvy girls do it best anyway. Our Burlesque hen parties teach women how to flaunt their curves, no matter how large or small they are. We think it’s fantastic that Burlesque is constantly gaining popularity through shows such as the Hurly Burly Burlesque show, as it is proof that women of all sizes should love their bodies! Not only that, men love them too – so maybe we should stop stress out over our curves and learn to love them too.

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