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Facts you probably don’t know about Croydon- hen night

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

Croydon is famous for its facelift, trams, Kate Moss, and ugly tower blocks- you might have the impression that Croydon doesn’t have a great reputation, but that may be fair! But don’t get put off. Croydon is actually an incredible place if you look beneath the surface, with many undiscovered gems.

When planning your hen night, there are so many things you need to put into consideration. Back the 1970’s brides do a lot less for their ‘last nightcroydon hen party flowers of freedom’. It mostly was a quite meal and drinks with few close friends and family. So let’s keep it local and fun. If you a close friend planning the hen night, focus on what the bride-to-be might want rather than trying to be better than the last hen party she went to. Most importantly keep the proceedings short and sweet.

What Croydon has to offer your hen night 

Keep it simple, classy and glamorous

Croydon offers variety of classy hen night activities. From dance classes to life drawing and chocolate making that will make your hen weekend unforgettable. You can spice this up by choosing a classy hen party theme for your special hen weekend.

Keep it Local

This way you will end up with all getting involved and benefiting from a healthier bank balance. In this way everyone can get involved because of a reasonable price and may fit almost everyone schedule because it’s local and not jetting off for the whole weekend abroad. Croydon can do all this for hen your night with some really cosy hotels for your relation pleasure.

The night life in Croydon

Croydon vibrant pubs and club scene puts the city amongst one of the coolest places in London. Tiger Tiger is one of the spectacular venues for hen party in Croydon that offers intimate scenes, a great night spot for hen night in Croydon. What can go better than a classy hen night activity for the weekend which finishes at one of London finest hen venue in Croydon. Classy and fun indeed.

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