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Creative Wedding Dress Ideas

Posted by laura on November 18 2013.

Creative Wedding Dress Ideas

Polestars love weddings and beautiful wedding dresses. In fact we find ourselves glued to wedding blogs looking out for the newest wedding trends, hoping a Prince Charming will soon whisk us away so we can have our own dream wedding! This wedding dress made of nothing but toilet paper, glue and thread is by far the most Creative Wedding Dress Idea we’ve come across this month.

Top Creative Wedding Dress Idea

The annual ‘toilet paper wedding dress competition’ in Cincinnati hosted by a local website for cheap but chic weddings is attracting more and more designers each year. They even have sponsors that pay for toilet paper the designers need, which us usually between ten and 50 jumbo rolls.

Admittedly, when you first see such a wedding dress, it doesn’t look as if it was made from toilet paper. In fact, the designers reveal to be great artists who impress the jury with the standards of the dresses and their talent to create such beautiful embroidery and embellishment.

The models describe the dresses as heavy, but probably still a lot lighter than usual dresses, and very comfortable to wear.

Still, the idea of a dress made of toilet paper doesn’t seem to convince potential customers. Yes, toilet paper is cheap compared to a normal wedding dress, but there are many problems with a toilet paper dress. Firstly, the idea of wearing such a dress is often associated with a bad sign since nowadays so many marriages end up going down the toilet anyway! Also, rain on one’s big day is going to be an even worse problem because the dress is just going to dissolve.

DIY things are nice for weddings because you can tailor a really individual wedding like that. But maybe a self-made dress is not quite a good idea. Polestars offers Fascinator Making, where you and your hens will learn what is important to make beautiful headwear, and in the end you will create your own masterpiece that will be a perfect wedding souvenir!

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