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Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid – bachelorette party

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

bachelorette party

Being the friendly bunch that we are, Polestars have made friends with a transatlantic professional bridesmaid. Like us, Traci is an expert at organising hen parties, or as they call them in the states ‘bachelorette’ parties. We thought we would ask her about her experiences in organising hen parties in the USA for all of our lovely UK hens …

Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid.

“Good Morning from Chicago!  My name is Traci, and I write a blog called Confessions of  a Professional Bridesmaid. After being a bridesmaid several times, I have learned what it takes to be a supportive best friend. One of the main duties of being a bridesmaid is planning the bachelorette party. Here in the USA, these bachelorette parties are a way for all of the brides best friends and family to get together and have one last fling before the ring.  Today I am going to share with you what goes in to planning the perfect bachelorette party.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a party for the bride, so you need to make sure all details are catered towards her.  In the US popular destinations are Las Vegas and Miami.  If your bride wants to lay in the sun during the day and party in the club at night, these are two perfect locations.  If that is something the bridesmaids may want to do, but really isn’t the brides ideal weekend, make sure to recognize that.
It is key to remember every bachelorette party has different budgets, whether you have enough money to provide cabanas and bottle service at the club or not, odds are that is not what the bride will remember most.  I feel it is the little details that will go down in the books.  Below are a few details I have planned (with fellow bridesmaids) that the brides are still talking about.
Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid.
To get things started before she got on the plane we gave her a future Mrs. Fishman sweatshirt.
planning the perfect bachelorette party
Having a custom itinerary for when she arrives is a way to get her and everyone else pumped up about the weekend, and she can also keep it forever.
planning the perfect bachelorette party
We had custom tank tops made that said the brides name on the back and her wedding date that we wore to the pool party(these are a little inappropriate, but that was us that weekend:) )
Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid.
If tank tops aren’t your style, we had beach bags that said “Melissa’s Last Fling Before the Ring.”  They were special and everyone has them to remember the weekend, but were a little more PG.
hen party
While the bride was getting ready everyone else was decorating the room.  Now I have decorated before, but we took this room to a whole new level.  You can’t see the whole suite from here, but we had over 300 pictures developed of each bridesmaid and the bride from as far back as when we were toddlers.  We also gave the bride a photoalbum so she could take all the pictures home.
 As you can see the small touches can really enhance the weekend. For more information on planning a bachelorette party head on over to my blog “Confessions of a Professional Bridesmaid”.
Thank you so much for having me :)”
It’s our pleasure Traci, we love your blog! You can check it out here.

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