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Comeback January

Posted by laura on October 18 2013.

This week has been full of comebacks. It’s as if all of the music legends had a good long think over Christmas and decided that their new year’s resolution was to wow the World once more. At the beginning of the week we had David Bowie david bowie comebackreleasing his first record in a decade. Where Are We Now has received phenomenal reviews and a high amount of airplay already, which has only left me hoping that there will be a Bowie tour soon!

Shock comeback

Prince also shocked fans with the leak of his supposedly new comeback single Same Page, Different Book. However, what has got us most excited in the Polestars office is the announcement of a Destiny’s Child reunion! In celebration of their upcoming ballads album, Love Songs, Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly got together again to record a brand new song for the album. The new track, Nuclear, will appear on the album alongside classics such as Say My Name, Brown Eyes and Now That She’s Gone.

This is the first song to be recorded by the trio since 2004. Both Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have seen successful acting and solo careers in the eight years since they were last in the studio together.destiny's child comeback

Fans have taken to Twitter to express the sheer delight with one stating that they ‘cannot wait for this jelly’!

I for one am really excited! Destiny’s Child is one of those groups who remind me of my childhood and teenage years; I cannot wait to reminisce over the new album!

If you are planning a hen party for a huge Destiny’s Child fan why not get in contact with Polestars about organising one through our bespoke dance classes? All you need to do is let us know what songs you want to dance to and our teacher will put something together for you! Alternatively we already have a Single Ladies dance class where you can learn to strut yourself like the number one diva herself … Beyonce!

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