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Cocktail delights that dress to impress and look stunning!

Posted by Clement Boateng on June 7 2017.

Looking for the most beautiful, gorgeous and popular cocktail delights? Well here are some of people’s favourite cocktails according to mybestcocktail.com. Check it out and see if you agree or maybe you have your own personal choices that we haven’t included?

Cocktail delights that dress to impress!



 Cocktail delights mojito drinks
This Cuban original with the right setting and samba music in the background will have you feeling the Cuba in your soul and salsa dancing all through the night.

Tequila sunrise

Cocktail delights tequila sunrise drinks
If the sunrise effect in your glass doesn’t do it then the great fruity taste. When you look at it you will clearly see the name is in the title and as you drink you can watch the sun go down…all in your glass.


Cocktail delights margarita drinks

This salty and sweet drink gets presented to you in a lovely shaped glass and comes with a sharp taste to have you feeling all nice and tingly inside.

Sex on the beach

Cocktail delights sex on the beack drinks

Yes the fantasy does play wonders when this drink comes into mind and when you find out the reason behind its cheeky little name, then it just adds to the experience of drinking it.


Cocktail delights cosmopolitain drinks
This is the original working girls drink for the ladies of sex in the city, living the fast paced big city life. Great to enjoy whilst reading a vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine. Down in one ladies!


Cocktail delights Caipirinha drinks
Can’t help but imagine a sexy lady in the bikini drinking this beautiful drink on a sunny beach, could this be you? I think so too. You can’t help feel the sun and sea with every sip of this drink.

Woo Woo

Cocktail delights drinks
Yes the party favourite. Looks good taste great and it’s looks cool too. What else could have you shouting woo woo before a fun night out.


Cocktail delights drinks
The simplest cocktail to do with white rum and yet the most effective when it comes to sweet great tasting sensation that comes with it. Looks good too.

Black Russian

Cocktail delights black russian drinks
The stronger tasting version of its more known counterpart the white Russian and perfect coffee treat for winter nights sitting in front of a warm fire tucked away in a blanket.

White Russian

Cocktail delights white russian drinks
Made famous by the character “the dude” in the film “The big Lebowski” this drink has become popular among both men and women in the real world apparently.

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