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Claudia’s Roaring 20s Hen Party Blog

Posted by Holly Anderson on June 7 2017.

Claudia’s Roaring 20s Hen Party blog gives an insight into one of our dance parties held last weekend. She gave us a cheeky peek into the party and we thought we’d share it with you! We love nothing more than hearing how things went from the teacher’s perspective as it gives us a great insight into how each hen party pans out and what they most enjoy about teaching. Here’s her Roaring 20s Dance Party blog …

Claudia’s Roaring 20s Hen Party Blog…

Roaring 20s Hen Party dance dancing

Last Saturday I taught my first Roaring 20s Dance Hen Party and wow, what a party it was.  In the same way that the era unleashed a new wave of femininity, economic strength and cultural dynamism, this party theme unlocks their penchant for frivolous fun and proved to me to be absolute Hen Party gold.

I’ve taught many successful Hen Dance parties including hilarious, skirt-sweeping Can Can’s and great Grease-style jives, but this Roaring 20’s number even gives the ever-popular Burlesque a run for it’s money when it comes to giving Hen’s a celebration to remember.  Energetic enough to create a fair few giggles and leave you thoroughly convinced you’ve earned that post-dance dinner and cocktails way in to the night, it remains flirty yet classic and sexy in a slightly more modest way than Burlesque.  One of the members of my hen party even said that she’d done Burlesque parties before but this one was far more fun.

As a class, the Roaring 20’s is a great balance between getting in to flapper girl character with pearl-clutching poses and having the chance to master some trickier charleston moves, which made it great for involving everyone from younger sisters to grannies alike.  You can go all out with fringe frocks, bobs and the exaggerated makeup of the times, but just the simple accessory of a feather headband proved a really effective way of capturing the style.

This dance party puts a new spin on the tried and tested, tutu and tiara method, with flapper girls, feathers and lots of frolicking.  Described by French speakers as ‘The Crazy Years’ , one thing that’s evident to me is that a Roaring 20’s party simply oozes glamour and sets the mood perfectly for the evening ahead… and who can resist a bit of Jazz? (swoon).

Hope you enjoy the Roaring 20’s as much as my hens and I did.

Claudia xx


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