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Classy hen Parties for Classy Hens

Posted by laura on October 17 2013.

Ladies of the UK – remove those L plates, put the tutu back in the wardrobe and deflate that impracticably large phallus. For those of you who are happy with this customary send off into a life of domestic bliss, then all power to you, let’s get some shots! But for those who would prefer a slightly less rambunctious affair, then here are three classy hen party ideas which should deliver you into the arms of your husband-to-be with your clothes and dignity intact.

A classy hen night at a safari lodge

classy hen AccessoriesLooking for a wild night out? Well it doesn’t get much wilder than spending the evening with a giraffe, black rhino, wildebeest and ostrich. Worry not, obviously they won’t be in your accommodation, that would be frankly dangerous, and Rhinos find it quite hard to use our loos. No. They’ll be outside enjoying 100 acres of Kent wilderness, whilst you’re tucked away safely indoors, eating, drinking and generally being merry.

The African Experience at Livingstone Lodge, Kent, provides everything you need for an extra special evening. With an invigorating African dance lesson with music from a traditional performer as well as some tasty African morsels to snack on while you go, this experience is as authentically African as you can expect from a luxurious lodge in Kent.

A pyjama party for grown ups

If you’re all popcorn, PJs and profiteroles, then lounging around in your pyjamas and enjoying the company of your classy hens in a luxury hotel suite is the perfect way to spend your last night of singledom.

Once you and your divas have adorned the matching pyjamas provided for you, you will more than likely resemble a group of psychiatric patients, whatever the collective noun for that might be. But don’t worry, the madness stops there. This is not like the jelly and ice cream, shriek inducing PJ parties you no doubt enjoyed as a young’un; far from it, this is a civilised affair with proper adult food, champers and everything.

And the treats don’t stop there. Whilst you are lounging around enjoying chocolate covered strawberries, along come a bevy of beauticians, interrupting your chick flick with offers of beauty treatments and manicures. Can we promise a hangover free morning? No we can’t. But at least you won’t wake up in a ditch, or the toilets of your local Burger King.classy hen personalized accessories

How about a spot of quilting?

Nothing says: ‘we’re going to be friends forever’, like a big blanket made from you and your friends’ handiwork. A little subdued for a hen party you might think, but not everyone wants to spend their free time lolling on the streets with a chip kebab.

There are very few surprises in store when you book your quilting hen party. There won’t be any undressing of firemen, but what there will be is your closest friends, a fine array of drinks and a good spot of quilting. Usually each member of the party will sew their own patch, before the handiwork of each is stitched together to make a patchwork quilt that the bride can treasure, long after her marriage has fallen apart.

Author: Henstuff is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hen party games, hen accessories and even personalised hen party bags, classy hen stuff or otherwise, ensuring that however you decide to spend your night, you’ll have all you need to make it a hen party to remember.  

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