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Posted by veronika BLASKOVA on June 7 2017.

Family gatherings, Christmas rendezvous and friends’ get-together are an annual tradition at Christmas. We spend time with our relatives and friends wishing them all the best and at the same time we are curious what the New Year will bring. Some of us like these Christmas meeting with family and some prefer to stay aside and watch. Once you have gathered with your relatives and friends it can be a good idea to play some Christmas games. In that way everyone is included and can have a fun time together.

Christmas games


Good Christmas game that will make you laugh and involve everyone are Christmas charades. You can team up, divide to pairs or even challenge men vs. women in this fun game. You can play Charades where all words are related to Christmas holiday, Christmas songs or Christmas movie. This game will definitely make you enjoy the festive time and will entertain kids or adults for hours.


christmans games

Treasure hunt is well linked to Christmas and can be played in the house or if you live in the warm country you can lead players to the garden of the house. The rules of them game are simple. Collect some Christmas treats, a box of candies, lollipops, Christmas movies or Christmas socks, wrap up ‘the treasure’ and hide it in different places. Give contestants some clues.

christmas tree family gifts dog

Use Christmas greeting cards, or gift tags and give hints to the players to find the treasure. You can give a clue so contestants know where to begin, something as- go to the place where you feed your belly- meaning the kitchen. Clues will direct them to the treats. This game is suitable for children but adults can take part in as well.

Christmas time does not have to be only about the food coma. Create a nice atmosphere and play some Christmas games with your closest ones.


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