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Cheese rolling – Well, I’ll be (e)damned

Posted by Hay Brunsdon on August 6 2014.

Last weekend saw those crazy country-folk enjoying a grate cheese rolling day out in Gloucestershire. Even though cheese is easily my favourite animal bi-product I camembert to think what might happen if one were to sustain a dairy-related injury whilst trying to enjoy a beautiful weekend in the countryside. If cheese rolling isn’t really your thing and you’re planning to head out of the city for the weekend, you might as well do it in style…

Cheese rolling

Mix it up

If you’re going to hire a gorgeous country cottage on your hen weekend, think how fantastic it would be to have a professional mixologist (and his mobile bar) come straight to your door to teach you and your friends how to cascade that Kahlua, add well proportioned Sex to that Beach and muddle fresh mint into those Mojitos. Cocktail Making ‘in the House’ is the perfect option for groups that want serious VIP treatment. Why should you have to queue up in a cramped bar when you could happily relax in your pyjamas, without worrying about taxi fares and traipsing about town in those impractically high heels!


If you are really hoping to ‘get away from it all’ then you may like to book a luxurious Glamping weekend. Trade in sweaty clubs and poorly-laminated L Plates for grassy knolls and curious woodland treasure hunts. Lie back in an opulent Yurt playing hen dares as one of our glamping experts cooks you up a batch of chocolate orange camp-fire muffins.


If you want a double-dose of adrenaline during your hen do, then High Ropes and Mountain Boarding sound like more your kind of country pursuits. You can book an action packed weekend involving our Assault Course and Climbing Wall with the option of camping in scenic North Devon too.

Cheese Rolling Extreme

Cheese rolling has become so extreme that even the older participants are getting a knock on the door from the police!

If  these Cheese Rollers aren’t going to brie-have then they might as well just go to extremes. I’m picturing a giant, boiling fondue pot with gladiators charging over man-sized Babybels which are arranged like stepping stones.  How’s that for an alternative Hen weekend?!


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