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Creative DIY Christmas present ideas

Posted by Clement Boateng on December 4 2014.

The creative D.I.Y Christmas

Creative DIY Christmas ideas

Chocolates or cookie dough making

Creative DIY Christmas ideas

Chocolate making, cookie dough or even sweets. These concepts are for everybody to enjoy. Great way to have fun and satisfy that sweet tooth craving you may have. Just buy some ingredients and begin stirring. You can customise you designs to write sweet messages or design festive decorations on every chocolate piece.


Now, before you knock the idea and have flash backs about all the ugly knitted garments you’ve hidden from the world, here’s a couple reason why we’ve included this in our list. Knitting a quilt, knitting a pillow, blanket, socks, gloves or scarves. You can even knit some interesting designs in to woolly hats. You never know, you might discover you’re quite the designer.


Decorating is one of the fun activities of any girls world. Customising shoes, t-shirts and hats to have a funny message or special message is a great way to show you care. At the same time adding a unique touch to an ordinary everyday item.

Fascinator making

Fascinator making is great for accessory and add on to any assembles. If you are looking for funny head pieces to wear or something festive then this is always great. Add little trinkets of jewellery or add feathers to give it that roaring 20’s look.

Beads and neckless

Creative DIY Christmas ideas


Looking to make use of all the junk that you’ve stored in your chest draw or the little trinkets you’ve collected over the years. Why not make yourself a nice accessory to give to a friend in the form of beads or necklaces.

Homemade Jam

Another food based luxury. Homemade jam is the best. In can make the perfect complimentary addition to any dish for Christmas. You can make them a wide variety of different flavours and sizes. Just depends on your imagination and resources. Think of you favourite fruit or flavour in a jam form.

Cup and plate decorating

Cup and plates decorating is always nice. People love their hot chocolates and hot coffees over a fire place or eating with the family around the table for special occasions. Having a personalised kitchen set of plates and cups just makes everything seem so much better.

Soap making or sugar scrub 

Bathroom luxuries are great for Christmas time too. Nothing beats a hot bath with the scent of their favourite bubble bath or in this case soap. They will never want to leave the bathroom ever again. Don’t forget the sugar scrubs too for the added in home spa treatment. Great for the skin.

Gift bag, buckets or caddy with poems

Creative DIY Christmas ideas

Gift bags are always a welcome surprise of goodies. Whether it’s for your husband, best friend or children each bag can be customised to suit the intended reciprocate. To top it all off you can add a poem to the parcel or sentimental note. Bags come in all shapes and sizes so remember to be creative and put some effort in to creating a magical work of art.

Scrap book

When all else is said and done. Creating a memory book of all the great times you have shared with your team would be the greatest and most meaningful way to show that you appreciate that special someone. You don’t need anything expensive just prints of photos and a good scrap book. Doesn’t have to be just pictures. You can also use words or items. Time to get creative.

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