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How to throw a celebrity hen night on a budget

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

The funny thing about getting married is that suddenly everyone is happy for you. Even before you start thinking about all the necessary celebrity hen night party drinkspreparation for the wedding, like the dresses and flowers, someone will likely offer to throw you an extravagant hen night. It could be your closest friend or even a member of your family like your sister or mother. Whoever ask is more likely to get yes for an answer.

Today at Polestar we go over the nuts and bolts of the hen night, touching every corner from who to invite to budget and to celebrity inspired hen night. Celebrity hen night are mostly known for extravagant spending, expensive night outs. And while their lavish prenuptial celebrations may probably cost more than an average wedding, it’s possible for you and your friends to throw a celebrity hen night without a celeb worthy price tag. From experience, we know that having a great hen night does not always draws down to extravagant spending. It’s   about your hen party ideas, games and of course your friends.

Four tips you need for your celebrity hen night


Ask for help

Don’t attempt to do it alone ask for help. You could ask your brides-maid to come in and help you out.

Set the budget

Think of a kim Kardashian inspired hen night in Paris. A night out with friends doing some wildest activity you can ever think off. A night out is always fun and very cost effective which means smiling hens and smiling bank balance. You could choose to have some cocktails to round up the evening or perhaps a cocktail making hen night.

Ask the bride questions

Surprises do sometimes go wrong, so it’s always best to ask the bride questions than surprise her with what she hates. Every bride-to-be is different thus has different taste. Therefore it’s your responsibility to ask her what she would prefer and you can spice it up with little surprises.

Make your VIP list

What makes most celebrity hen night stand out is their guest list. Be sure to invite your closest friends and family. One of the trickiest things to manage is friends. For those that have attempted a DIY hen party, keeping on top of everyone’s ever changing opinion and circumstance means numbers of attendees goes up and down as many times as the moon rises. With an hen party organiser it’s not a problem, no matter how far you book ahead you don’t need to confirm final numbers until two weeks before the hen party.

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