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Celebrate Your Sexuality

Posted by Holly Anderson on February 12 2014.

Celebrate Your Sexuality

Celebrate Your Sexuality

Polestars report about the Slutwalk protest and why we think it’s important to celebrate your sexuality.

Celebrate Your Sexuality – Slutwalk

The Slutwalk protests began when a Toronto policeman told a group of students that to avoid being victimised they should ‘avoid dressing like sluts’.  Recently in the news it has been reported that girls have been doing the ‘Slutwalk’ in Britain as a cause for dressing provocatively without being attacked.  There has been mixed reviews about this as women want to prove that no matter what they are wearing- they should not be ‘labelled’ and judged for their clothing.

Celebrate Your Sexuality – Hen Parties

Here at Polestars we admire the girls for celebrating sexuality. For our hen parties, we offer a Burlesque Party which is a great group activity and a great giggle for everyone. In the 2 hour session you will learn burlesque dancing, walks, poses and how to use props. These will then be put together into a dance routine. As a rule for burlesque, the more you get dressed up the better! Feel free to dress into burlesque costumes, feather boas, long gloves, fishnets or whatever suits your mood.Check out our fabulous mood board of Burlesque outfits too.

We also offer a Flirt and Seduce hen party. This fun two hour class will teach you all about the art of seduction whilst arousing your own senses. Packed full of fun quizzes and tips on how to enhance you flirting technique, this saucy session will focus on the nuances of body language to help you walk, talk, taste, flirt and seduce confidently. You can even learn how to lap dance and take home a fully fledged routine with which to treat your lucky lad.

Whether you’re single or spoken for, this two hour session is a great way to awaken your senses and break the ice before a big night out on the town.

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