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Camping or Hotel?

Posted by Alice on June 7 2017.

It is going to be spring or even summer and you haven’t made plans yet. What shall we do this summer? Camping or Hotel? It’s a difficult decision; both options are attractive. It definitely depends on you, your expectations and the money you would like to spend; whether you really want to have some relaxing time without doing anything or a little adventure in the nature.


room hotel


Hotel Pros
Hotels are usually more luxurious than camping sites. You have your own room, your own bath and all possible facilities. Electricity and hot water are guaranteed, as well as cleaning staff that comes every day. And if you have booked an all-inclusive hotel, you don’t even have to worry about your daily food. There will be a huge buffet provided with different foods at each meal time.


Hotel Cons
All this nice treatment and luxury are not for free. Hotels in a higher star category are often expensive or even not affordable. And in spite of the price, your holiday won’t be really unique. You can’t plan an individual holiday by choosing a hotel out of a catalogue; your only real choice is the room size. Due to their usually insular position, you have to rent a car or go by bus to see the next attraction. Besides, a high price isn’t always a guarantee for a high standard in a hotel.


camping campsite campfire forest wood

Camping Cons
Not everyone is made for sleeping in the nature. It can be very noisy due to animals, rivers or just other campers sleeping in the tent next to you. Beneath the camping site, you will probably share the public restrooms and showers with your camping neighbours, too. Some people might call camping uncomfortable because you sleep basically on the floor, wrapped in a sleeping bag. Furthermore, you are depending on the weather, if it is sunny or stormy. So you should always have a Plan B ready.


Camping Pros
A huge advantage of camping is the price – you can save a lot of money because the camping site isn’t very expensive, you will have to cook for yourself and you have your car with you for any trips. Camping is an adventure, especially for children. They leave the tent in the morning and are immediately on a huge playground with entertaining factor; probably shared with other families. It is a very individual and unique experience, no matter which age you are.


Both of them – hotel and camping – have their pros and cons. A hotel is something for those who want to be 100 percent sure that their holiday will be great. For a Camping holiday you have to be a little bit more open-minded and spontaneous. I’ve never been camping in my life before, but it’s definitely something that I want to do once in my life. And afterwards I can decide what I would prefer.



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