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Burlesque Christmas party – Christmas Time, Burlesque and Wine

Posted by laura on February 11 2014.

Here at Polestars we are getting excited. The air is crisp, the office is freezing and Santa shaped sweets have started making appearances. This can only mean one thing: Office burlesque Christmas Party! Now being the event extraordinaires that we are, we weren’t going to let our own Christmas party go past without a bang. We wanted something special, something glamorous and something just a little bit naughty. So we’re throwing our glad rags on and hot footing it to House of Burlesque Christmas Extravaganza!

Christmas burlesque extravaganza

Burlesque Christmas Extravaganza

House of Burlesque has been on the up since 2010 and has already made huge waves in the burlesque scene. Imagined by the stunning Lola LaBelle, House of Burlesque was realised with the help of Polestars very own Tempest Rose. Designed to bring together the very best in burlesque, HOB has developed quite a reputation for doing just that. Now their awe (and jealousy) inspiring Christmas Show is back at Madame Jojo’s featuring two glorious hours of the most gorgeous burlesque. Ladies can even get some hands on experience with a free half hour Burlesque taster class just before the show.

burlesque christmas

If half an hour doesn’t sound like nearly enough Burlesque time for you then you might want to have a cheeky peek at the Polestars Burlesque Parties we have on offer. Perfect for an office girls’ night out, it will guarantee your Christmas Party is a major hit. If you’re really lucky you might even get a lesson from Miss Tempest Rose herself! Enjoy a two hour class with one of our divine burlesque teachers who will teach you to tease, tantalise and tempt in classic Burlesque style. A Burlesque class is the perfect excuse to inject a bit of glamour into your girly Christmas party, so throw on the heels, ditch the suit and smooth on the red lippy to celebrate Christmas in style.

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