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British hen parties and how to plan for the weather

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

Planning British hen parties can be tough! We all know that it is near on impossible to predict British weather. There is a good chance that this time next week the floods will clear and we will be having the hottest December since records began. Or maybe we will get our annual dose of sludge, or do I mean snow? Our unpredictable weather makes it so difficult to organise anything, which is why I have decided that when my Prince Charming sweeps me off of my feet I will definitely be getting married abroad.

British hen parties and our unpredictable weather

However, I realise that is just a fantasy and I will probably have to battle the rain for some of my wedding plans and that is why I put together this guide for brides-to-be on how to plan a hen party around Britain’s unpredictable weather!


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British hen parties in the Summer

It would be nice to say that we were safe in the summer months, but sadly we’re not. 2012 was the wettest summer in a hundred years, and this put a real dampener on some of our summer British hen parties. During the York floods in September we had to quickly rearrange some of our parties due to troubles with travelling and issues with venues. Thankfully, everything rain smoothly due to our super organising skills and the understanding of our lovely customers!

Alternatively, the weather may turn the other way and you could be faced with a notorious British heat wave! This will be lovely if you are planning on having a Glamping party, but maybe a sweaty cheerleading class isn’t a great idea if you are thinking of doing something straight after your activity.

Take into consideration that the weather conditions are likely to change in typical British fashion, but we are more likely to experience soaring heats during July and August so you may not want to be taking part in anything too energetic. Also consider the travelling time to your chosen cities. If it is going to be sweltering will you really want to be stuck in a car for too long? On the other hand, you may not want to book for an outdoors activity towards the end of the summer because the likelihood of rain will increase. For example, Parkour is a fantastic outdoors activity when the sun is shining!



British hen parties in the Winter

Winter bnritish hen parties will always be difficult to organise because the risks of heavy rain, and even snow, increase the chances of disaster. This week there are flood warnings across the whole country, which has put our office on red alert for last minute changes. If you are planning a wintery hen party you may also want to be on red alert for changes.

However, winter British hen parties are becoming more and more popular every year as more people opt for weddings abroad or Christmas weddings. When planning a winter hen party you may want to consider staying close to home in case there are any issues with travel, accommodation and venues. I always like the idea of hiring out a large cottage for you and all of your friends to spend the weekend in. Over this weekend you can make your own spa in the cottage and host dinner parties. You can even request for a Polestars teacher to come over and teach you a class, either a fabulous dance class or one of our ever popular life drawing activities. This way you can all stay snuggled up and let us do all the work!

summer or winter if you are planning a British hen party does of course include keeping abreast of the weather, so the met office app on your iphone or keeping up to date on the bbc weather website is a must.

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