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Bridal Shower Gifts

Posted by Hannah Carrier on April 12 2017.

Engagements, weddings and bridal showers are exciting times but with so many weddings all at once, it can be difficult to think of new and original bridal shower gifts. This helpful guide should remind you to think in the right places to come up with a truly personal, thoughtful bridal shower gift.



airport luggage bridal shower giftsIf the bride to be is due to go away somewhere on her honeymoon or has plans of travelling with her husband then luggage is a great gift. Luggage is expensive so be sure you know your bride to be’s taste well enough! Choose a designer she likes and get bonus points for matching sets! Alternatively, other travel accessories such as a nice neck cushion, hydrating face mask, passport holder and new purse for keeping her foreign chance separate would make a marvellous hamper!


Honeymoon Essentials

honeymoon travel essentions bridal shower giftsLearn everything there is to know about where the bride and groom are going on their honeymoon so you can help your friend prepare.  You might buy a new carry on bag for her and fill it with honeymoon essentials such as sunglasses if she’s going somewhere hot, a new jumper if she’s going somewhere cold and other items such as books, headphones, a pretty sunhat, some statement jewellery and sandals. The possibilities are endless.


Lingerie and Robes

bridal lingerie This is a brave venture if you don’t know the bride to be well so always consider this before you purchase something that is not to taste! Lingerie is a great gift at any time because it’s something that most people forget to buy on a regular basis but bridal lingerie in whites, creams and blush pinks are so much more beautiful than regular lingerie! If you’re unsure on sizes but would still like to give the bride a bit of luxury then look for a silk kimono robe rather than underwear. Your bride will feel fabulous for it!


home coffee machine bridal shower giftKitchenware is a very common bridal shower gift for the bride and groom and is always appreciated but it helps to know what the couple already have and what others are getting since they definitely don’t need more than one item of anything and you don’t want to clutter their home! We recommend avoiding all the fuss by choosing something out of the ordinary. For example, a coffee machine, a bread machine or an ice cream maker. Kitchenware doesn’t have to be a boring bridal gift so long as you’re looking for the most interesting items!


A Year of Firsts

bridal gift wineIf you want to give a gift that keeps giving then round up some of the bride and groom’s favourite drinks for toasts  to share when they reach a first. For example the toasts will include first holiday, first anniversary, first Christmas, first Valentine’s Day etc. Bonus gifts might include a headphone splitter for sharing music, a letter with words of wisdom for their first fight and some coffee and sweet treats for their first all-night movie marathon etc. Try to keep it personal.



If you have any other ideas for bridal shower gifts then please do let us know either in the comments or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because we’d love to hear them!


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