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Bridal Accessories Guide

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

You’ve found your perfect dress, you know you’re on track to fit into it so it’s time to think of the accessories. Some may suggest finding these things before you find your dress but that is something you should definitely avoid. You and your dress are going to be framed by your accessories so you shouldn’t make the decision without your gown.

Accessories bridal

Think Beyond the Tiara

Unless you’ve always wanted to wear a tiara, there are countless other accessories, you don’t need to feel pressured. If anything you may not even need a hair accessory at all.

Add a Dash of Colour

Something Blue bridal shoes bride wedding

Add a dash of coordinated colour to your attire, whether it’s to match your bridesmaids, your groom, or the wedding itself, adding vibrancy will enhance your overall look.

Matching Metals

Some metals actually look better with specific dress colours. Ivory dress with gold, pure white with silver, platinum or peal. A diamond white dress fits with yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls. If your dress has embellished bead-work, you should be matching your metals to that, such as pearls with silver.

Be Contemporary

Don’t feel like you need to dress with time honoured tradition. It’s really up to you how modern you go with your dress choice but remember that your wedding photo album will be taken out and shown countless times, you really don’t want your dress or accessories to date the photos too early. Try to go for something modern with a classic vibe.

Inject yourself

It’s your wedding day so don’t feel pressured into looking a certain way or conforming to someone else’s expectations. Your wedding attire should reflect your tastes, your style and your body shape. If you find something that’s uniquely you, wear it.

Belt Accessory Accessories bridal wedding

Get Inspired by the Silver Screen

Embroidery Accessories bridal

If you’re having trouble with picking the right accessories, it’s time to get some inspiration. There is no other place on earth where weddings are more visual than one depicted in the movies. Their wedding planners, or at least set and costume designers, work tirelessly to produce a visually cohesive and stunning wedding so there’s no better place to steal a few Hollywood glamour ideas for your own.

One Bride two dresses

Sometimes you just can’t decide between your chosen accessories. Some you can’t live without whereas others suit your dress better than those dear to your heart. If you can afford it, don’t ditch the accessories, pick up a second dress. Nothing is more theatrical and memorable than a dress change after the ceremony.


We hope some of these ideas will help you with your search for your bridal accessories. In the meantime, if you haven’t already had it, we have a host of exciting and unique hen parties to celebrate. Check out our Pinterest board for a whole host of inspiration.


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