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Posted by Holly Anderson on November 26 2013.

At Polestars we love bringing you wonderful new ways to dance, even if that does include jumping on the back of a bike to do so! It was such a treat in the office when we found out about Bikelesque, a wacky new dance created by Heather Loop of Williamsburg, USA.



Heather, aka Ms. Spoke, is a bike messenger in the US and feels as though she has lost her femininity:

“I am restricted in how feminine I can be — I can’t really wear make-up, high heels, pencil skirts, or do my hair super fancy…”

This is why the Bushwick performer has created a night titled, ‘Bikes, Brews and Burlesque,’ where she gives a special performance on and around her bike, on her self-built stage designed like a track. Ms. Spoke has regained her femininity, even if it has meant wearing an outfit made from bike tubes and using a home made fan made from bicycle wheels!

This is all an absolute twist on the traditional Burlesque dance but Heather Loop has people queuing up to see her unusual performance. Here at Polestars we’re not sure what we love more … Bikelesque or Pole Dancing for Jesus – only in America!

If you would like to try out a more traditional form of Burlesque why not  let us host your Birthday/Hen Night for you with one of our amazing Burlesque Parties! 

Burlesque is a low-impact dance style, so is great for all ladies and means you’ll be ready to take your sexy new confidence and continue the party afterwards. The party can be as tame or as raucous as you like, your teacher will judge the group for you. Why not dress up for your hen night – think Dita Von Tease or Christina Aguilera – for the ultimate burlesque experience.

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