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Beyonce’s Superbowl Smash

Posted by laura on October 18 2013.

Beyonce Superbowl

If you didn’t see Beyonce’s Superbowl performance I urge you to take 13 mins of your day and view it now! We all know Beyonce is the ‘Queen B’ but she made sure we’ll never forget! There was stomping, yelling, switching, booty popping and most of all powerful LIVE vocals to remind who is the fiercest of them all.

Beyonce – The best pop diva ever

There had been a small media storm since the Presidents inauguration where it was speculated if Beyonce sang live, the singer kept hush for a few days but eventually admitted singing over pre recorded live vocal track. Her critics relished this information, creating a doubt about her ability (as ever?) and if she would perform live at the huge Superbowl live show. Never one for crass or vulgarity the ever lady like Beyonce hit back in subtle ways. The Superbowl performance involved months of planning and Beyonce would have never foreseen the mess of the inauguration incident but now she had a couple of weeks to prepare to silence her critics.

Beyonce Superbowl rehersal

Pictures of her working hard on the routine were posted over instagram in the days leading to the performance, generating excitement for what’s to come. At the Superbowl conference instead of preparing an opening speech about ‘what an honour to be the performer for the hugely famous half time show’ Beyonce walked right up to the mike and sang the entire national anthem LIVE and finished with ‘ Any Questions?’


Beyonce SuperbowlThe half time show at the Superbowl is a major deal viewed by hundred of millions over the world and tidying up the multi million pound sponsorships from  major global brands. On the night the performance itself was described as ‘ Better than the first 30mins of the big game itself’ by billboard 100 magazine. The leather laced clad diva looked amazing! I’m always stunned by how well she can move in ridiculous heels/ boots. Personal highlights were the ‘End of Time’ set  and that big scream moment where Destiny’s child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Willams appeared on stage and sent the crowd back to the glory days of the  early noughties. Special effects saw Beyonce multiply on stage and her troop of dancers giving it their all around bursts of flames. Many critics said this was one of the best Superbowl performances trumping Madonna and Prince. ‘Beyonce gave the sexist Superbowl show since Janet Jacksons boob malfunction in 2004’ – Washington Post. The Single Ladies performance was shared between Destiny’s Child an exciting spin on the huge hit. By the end she really turned up the notch with the vocals for ‘Halo’ so close to the audience they quite literally got a taste of her weave!.



After the show Beyonce announced she will be starting another world tour in April and her delight on working with Destiny’s Child again. We have to remember this woman recently had a baby. There is absolutely no doubt that Beyonce defended her title as Pop’s best diva. Dont forget you can book a beyonce single ladies party for your hen night

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