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5 Things to Know Before Your Wedding Day

Posted by Andrew Wilson on June 7 2017.

It’s your wedding day coming soon and you’re getting really excited. Don’t get caught up with so much activities and forget to check out for unseen activities that might pop up. From experience I want to share with you some things I have learnt from weddings with hopes that it will help a bride-to-be on her very special day.

what to know before your wedding day

Have a hair and make-up trialbefore your wedding make-up

You might be wondering why you should have a trial makeup before your wedding, but I can guarantee you that a trial will definitely give you an idea how your make up will look like on photos. With this you can decide to change your mind if you don’t like the trial look. After you have your make-up and hairstyle trial done, get someone to take you photos from different angles. You may then realise that you don’t like your hair pinned up or probably your eye shadow colour.

 Make sure you have more than enough time on your wedding day

Just to let you know, things will run behind schedule. It’s always best to be ahead of schedule. If it will take 3 hours for hair and makeup, schedule 4 hours in case you running late or your make-up artist turn up 15 minutes late. If you are ahead of schedule you can get your photographer take you more bridal shots or photos of you and your bridesmaid in your bridal suit. It’s always best to be ahead rather than behind if not, time can mess your day up.

Something will go wrong.

before your wedding cake

Have you met anyone who said “nothing unexpected happened on my wedding day”? So let’s face fact, something will go wrong. This is not to make you live in fear before your wedding day but to get you prepared of whatever. But actually nothing can prepare for what will happen but will get you handling any situation on time. You can refer to expect the unexpected on your wedding day to get understand how to handle a situation and the common problems that tend to occur on wedding days.

Take your dress off to use the restroom.

Weird or awkward, whatever is going through your head right now, I understand. Its definitely better than having 3-4 bridesmaid hold up your dress. All you need do is get your Maid of Honor with you to the bathroom and help you unzip your dress, take it off and hold it up while you do your thing and get back into your dress, that easy. This tip works really well and comfortably especially if you have a dress you can get in and out of easily.

Never have your hen do on your wedding evehen party night pole dancing

Hen party is seen as a bride’s last night of freedom. It’s always a fun and exciting party with friends and family and it’s a party every girl shouldn’t miss before her wedding day. However, you should never have your hen do a night before your wedding day. You might have a hangover, be too tired or feel sleepy on your wedding day, if you have had your hen do a night before and that could be a disaster. Consider having your hen party a week before your wedding day. It will save you all the troubles.

I hope you have found at least one thing helpful before your wedding day.

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