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Banqueting and Glamping Arabian-style

Posted by Alec on November 20 2013.

Glamping Arabian-style

Banqueting and Glamping Arabian-style: The Glamp-site

Polestars have been searching out Glamping sites across the country. In particular whilst we were researching sites close to Oxford, we came across Sarah Lay from the Oxford Yurt Company. She works for a great site just a short trip down the M40, which contains a few Tipis and her amazing Mongolian Yurt. We were so impressed with Sarah and what she does that we instantly decided to work with her, in order to bring you Glamping Arabian-style.

The yurt is one of the more luxurious we have seen, with a laid back Bedouin interior full of sumptuous furnishings. Sarah always starts her evenings off with a champagne reception, whilst they get settled and shake the stress of the week from their shoulders. She then sends them off to the local pub, while she sets to work transforming the circular space with long low tables, colourful cushions and fretwork lanterns to create a banqueting experience that’s totally different from your usual formal setting.

Banqueting and Glamping Arabian-style: The Feast

Dinner consists of an Arabian inspired banquet with an array of other influences thrown in. Like the rest of the weekend’s laid back attitude, it comes with platters to share as well as lots of food that should be eaten with your hands.

After finishing your meal, you can lean back on the cushions, charge your glasses and get ready for a long night chatting and gossiping to help see the hen off in perfect style. There’s even a log burning stove to keep any chance of a chill away.

The site itself is under the shadow of the famous ancient Uffington white horse cut into the chalk hillside, offering spectacular views, and mornings are always a delight when you first emerge from the cosy yurt and find a warm breakfast.

Image copyright The Oxford Yurt

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