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Bachelorette Movie

Posted by laura on June 8 2017.

bachelorette movie Rebel Wilson

Bachelorette Movie – coming soon!

We have all heard about Bridezillas, but what about when bridesmaids go bad? Well, that’s exactly what happens in one of this year’s best comedy movies Bachelorette. Make sure your hen party goes with a swing by booking with Polestars… keeping your bridesmaids happy since 2003!

Bachelorette Movie – The Lowdown

Becky (Rebel Wilson) is going marry her successful and handsome Mr. Perfect.

Already the first scene emphasizes who Becky actually is: the girl who her high school friends (one of them is played by Kirsten Dunst!) always thought she’s never going to walk down the aisle at all. Unfortunately, Becky is the very first one of them.

Even though the women that used to call her Pig Face at high school and Becky are not what one calls close friends, she invited them to her wedding party. As you can see – chaos is going to take its course.

Even the trailer makes you laugh and shows how mean and dysfunctional Becky’s friends are. Squeezing as a pair in her wedding dress until they tear it apart, getting into trouble with men or simply ruining everything: the wedding definitely is endangered. Can’t wait to see what else will happen!

Bachelorette Movie – Plan A Better Hen Party

Do you still need some ideas to start your big night, or maybe you’re planning your friend’s hen night? Then you might want to check what ideas Polestars can give the hen’s bridesmaids.

In any case, you should think about starting the big night out with a dance session. No matter which class you prefer, sexy Pole Dancing, seductive Burlesque or a fun 80’s dance class – this is the best way to break the ice and start your night in a wonderful mood.

Or maybe, even though you’re planning your hen night out, you don’t necessarily want to forego male presence completely? Polestars offers cheeky Life Drawing Sessions with our professional and hunky nude life models. Thinking about this session definitely is worth it!

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